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(Called kha•rōsët by other Jews.) Although neither dūkeih nor kha•rōsët are documented in Ta•na"kh, this Ta•na"kh-compatible recipe, based on Nō•sakh Tei•mân recipes, uses only ingredients that were available in ancient Sinai and Israel.


Recipe (serves 6-8 people)

Don't worry if one or more ingredients aren't locally available. Make notes adjusting proportions to suit your taste next year,

Toast Lightly In Dry Pan: Press & strain: Chop: Stir in: Beat or blend to a thick spread:

Thicken, as needed, with matz•âh meal; or thin, as needed, by adding kâ•sheir red wine, more pomegranate juice or grape juice to taste

Stir in toasted sesame seeds
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