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All books & papers in English unless otherwise marked. No matter how many books & papers are ordered, only one $3.50 foreign check deposit bank fee applies per check from a non-Israeli bank. (Checks from an Israeli bank, in Israeli ₪, do not need to add a foreign check deposit bank fee.)

Only books I publish have the Live-Link Technology capability of transparently providing you with up-to-the nanosecond latest research—even after you purchase the book. That's because definition links access the Nᵊtzâr•im website glossary maintained at www.netzarim.co.il. The definition you read yesterday may have been updated and expanded since your last reading. When in doubt, double-check the link to see the current definition based on the latest research.

Open access to each of my ebooks and epapers, for you and your immediate family exclusively, is sold to you on the honor system for a one-time "check's in the mail" charge for each ebook or epaper. All of my books are copyrighted with all rights reserved, not freeware. I encourage you— using proper credit & standard "fair use" citations—to actively spread this message by quoting from these books, papers and this website (generally ≤200 words).

    Please send your check or money order in US$ (or equivalent in Israeli ₪) for the digital book(s) you access. Please do not send cash.

  1. Add $3.50 bank fee for each check to cover the bank fee for depositing a foreign check from a non-Israeli bank. (Save money by writing a single check, with a single foreign deposit fee, to cover multiple books and papers.) Additional donations to support this work are welcomed.

  2. So that we can email you a receipt, please include your double-checked email address . (You will not be put on any mailing list; we don't have a mailing list.)

    1. your first & last name,

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    3. your email (double-check for correctness)

  3. payable to: "Yirmeyahu Ben-David", and mailed to:

Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David
The Netzarim
Aqiva Box 23/12
Raanana, Israel 4326103

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