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Burning Issues: Yәshua Ossuary

Yeshua Bar Yehoseiph Ossuary

To put an irrelevant query to rest, because this, along with the ossuary of Mariamænon/Mara, were the only two ossuaries from the Talpiot tombs that the IAA (i.e., Gath, Zias, Kloner or someone under their direction) had not vacuumed out, these were the only two ossuaries in the Talpiot Tomb Complex still containing adequate amounts of DNA to examine.

To put another, apparently false, rumor to rest, no archeologist or any other scholar has come forward with documentation or a photo of any other ossuary inscribed "Yeshua Bar Yoseiph"!!! There are several cases where "scholars" (well, academics anyway) who should know better have confused this "Yeshua Bar Yoseiph" ossuary with the "Yeshua Bar Yoseiph" discovered in 1980. That's this ossuary you morons!!! Doh! If there's another ok, but produce the documentation and photo or admit the error. Stop misleading the public!

In the words of Prof. James Tabor, "This reading… is quite solid and confirmed by several of the world's leading epigraphers, including Prof. Frank Moore Cross, of Harvard University."

The wildly-scratched name of Yәshua Bar-Yәhoseiph on an undecorated ossuary appears to have been inscribed hastily and covertly – as if hiding from persecutors. At first, Hellenists (both Romans and Temple-Tzәdoqim) would have destroyed any memorial to him – killing whomever dared mock Rome by memorializing the "King of the Jews." Later, of course, his ossuary wasn't supposed to exist.

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