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(khan•ut; chamber) – A chamber on Har ha-•Bayit outside their usual chamber (the Lish•kat ha-Gâ•zit), where they had temporary residence. Derenbourg, Essai, p. 467, and Krauss, REJ, LXIII, 66f., identify it with the 'Chamber of the sons of ' (a powerful priestly family, cf. YirƏmәyâhu 34.4) mentioned in J. Pe'ah I,5.]

, a shop or store in post-Biblical Hebrew and a cognate of , is a hapax legomenon, found only in the plural, in Yi•rәmәyâhu 37.16: (ha-; "the" + khan•u•yot; chambers), probably derived from (to be gracious, kind [also, to decline or encamp; modern Hebrew "to park"], Klein's Etymological Dictionary, p. 224). The cited verse refers to chambers in what was formerly the house of a scribe. A "gracious room" (chamber) in the house of a scribe most likely referred to a temporary collection or storage room for groceries to be distributed to the needy.
     Thus, no other association to a commercial or merchant store or shop is found before this notoriously profiteering first century C.E. priestly family likely turned the "gracious rooms" into business shops and stores.

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