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The Only Right Judeo-Christian Dialogue:

Mainstream Jews &
Genuine Followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a

Cooperating to Countervail
Pseudo-historical, Idolatrous, Hellenist-Roman Displacement Theology of 135 C.E.

The problems with Christianity and Jesus are the same for mainstream Jews as for genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a: the apostasy of 135 C.E. with its pseudo-historical idolatrous syncretisms, redactions and deceptions by gentile Roman Hellenists.

The 2003.08 update by Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin of their 1983 book, Why the Jews?, updates the reasons for misojudaism in the world. These reasons confirm why the Nәtzâr•im′  qi•ruv′  is both essential and urgent.

The Jerusalem Post’s reviewer of Prager’s and Telushkin’s book, Saul Singer, hi-lites some of these. "The idea that Jew-hatred is related to Judaism may seem obvious, but in modern times tends not to be considered, even by many Jews… Prager’s and Telushkin’s thesis is that there are reasons for antisemitism, and that the reasons have differed over time, but always relate to one or more components of Judaism: God, Jewish law, and Jewish nationalism (or as they are called in Judaism: God, Torah, and Israel). Roman and Greek idolatrouss hated Jews for believing in one God, and for refusing to bow to their idols and emperors. Christianity, Judaism’s daughter religion, has always felt threatened by the fact that Jews have refused to become Christians, most clearly through their adherence to Jewish law…

"This is where most books on this topic would end, but Prager and Telushkin continue with concluding sections that are perhaps the most useful and thought-provoking part of the book. In the chapter ‘Eight Lies About Israel,’ the authors state Israel’s case with such power, confidence and succinctness that even those who defend Israel regularly will find an important resource… The true answers to antisemitism, the authors argue, are fighting back, seeking converts, and succeeding in the Jewish mission (of which many Jews are unaware) of spreading ethical monotheism…

"In a truly original section, the authors explain that seeking converts lessens antisemitism in four ways: by making the Jewish people stronger, by ensuring that more non-Jews have Jewish relatives, by spreading Jewish values, and by helping dispel the notion that Jews are ethnic chauvinists. They further show that the negative attitudes that many Jews think Judaism has toward seeking converts are a forced artifact of antisemitism itself, which crushed the traditional positive approach to conversion" (Jerusalem Post, 2003.09.12, p. B13).

Christians are accustomed to thinking in terms of "in spirit." The feel like they, individually, are Jews "in spirit." They feel like they, collectively, are "spiritual Israel." They feel their god tells them things "in the Spirit." They feel that they are baptized "in the Spirit," they feel immersed "in the Spirit" and they feel led "by the Spirit." Feel, feel, feel… not a shred of Scripture, legitimacy or rational thought. Yet, though it would be a short step, they cannot fathom that "the Return" of the messiah could be "in spirit"!!! That is, a restoration and great revival of the pristine teachings of the historical—Pharisaic (to their astonished chagrin)—Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a.

For millennia, Jews have feared the Christian threats implied in the "Return of Jesus." But all of the NT prophecies indicate that the return of "Jesus" should have paralleled the restoration of the State of Israel, within the same generation (40 years). According to the prophecies, the return has occurred but, again like the prophecies (Hebrew Ma•tit•yâh′ u 24.37—for Jews who would like to be able to cite the passage for Christians), "As it was in the days of No′ akh… they did not know until the Ma•bul′  came and picked them all up." Christian doctrine holds the self-contradiction that, although "every eye shall see him," the masses will be entirely unaware of his return! All Christians understand that this means "every eye" of those "in the know" (assumed to be Christians) will see him while all others will remain unaware. What a jolt for them to discover that they are the ones who didn’t see his return, that it was they who are being "Left Behind" unless they flock to Tor•âh′ !

In light of all of this, and corroborating all of the prophecies in Ta•na"kh′  plus those in The Nәtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM), the return of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a has to be a return "in spirit." Only the manifestation in the Nәtzâr•im′ , reinvigorating his authentic teachings (his spirit) as an historical Pharisee, makes sense of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a returning to satisfy all of the prophecies. It’s also the only rational and scientifically-compatible solution not requiring a supernatural magical event (that contradicts an Unchanging Perfect Creator of perfect laws of the universe)… and the kicker is: he’s teaching Tor•âh′ , not, lә-hav•dil′ , Christianity!!!

Thus, after 2,000 years, "the Return" of the messiah turns out to be a revival of his Spirit in the form of his restored Tor•âh′  teachings, not a magical character making people disappear from an airplane. (No, I'm merely a spokesman, Tor•âh′ -teacher. I don’t imagine myself to be the Mâ•shi′ akh. To paraphrase 1960s "Smothers Brothers" TV comedian Pat Paulsen: my platform is "if nominated I won’t run; if elected I won’t serve.") Conclusion: the Nәviy•im′  and Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a (as recorded in The Nәtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM)) referred to the return of the Mâ•shi′ akh Bën-Yo•seiph′  "in spirit."

Just as the State of Israel has been restored after two millennia, likewise the authentic—Tor•âh′ —teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, embodied in today's Nәtzâr•im′ , have also been restored after having been buried in Christian deceptions of Displacement Theology for two millennia, and these herald the era of the Mâ•shi′ akh.

In other words, "He’s ba-a-a-ck"… and it’s those who don’t keep Tor•âh′  according to Ha•lâkh•âh′  (as ordained in Shәm•ot′  18.24-26)—not Tor•âh′  Jews—who’ve been "Left Behind"!!!

It’s time for Jews and geir•im′  to realize their prophesied potential as a kingdom of Ko•han•im′  and a goy qâ•dosh′  (Shәm•ot′  19.6), respectively, by helping Christians, including Christian Jews, find their Way out of Displacement Theology to Tor•âh′ .

Viewed as the founder of the Nәtzâr•im′  , who was an historical Pharisaic Ribi and whose teachings have been revived along with the State of Israel, both after two millennia, confirming Tor•âh′ , mainstream Jews, for the first time, have the opportunity to eradicate misojudaism and reverse assimilation by encouraging Christians (including Christian Jews) to follow the Tor•âh′ -teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, as taught by his original followers, the Nәtzâr•im′ . This is the only option that requires all of them to make tәshuv•âh′  to Tor•âh′ —eliminating misojudaism and assimilation!!! The time of the •lei′ nu is "upon us"!!!

These shared problems have shared antidotes—goals which mainstream Jews & genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a share together. Rather than endlessly haranguing over flawed (often ludicrous) arguments that have gone nowhere for 2,000 years, the only intelligent solution is to cooperate together (as some have already begun doing) to become vastly more effective in countervailing the pseudo-historical, idolatrous Displacement Theology of gentile Roman-Hellenism that inextricably defines Christianity and their Jesus.

Within these shared goals, adherance to historical truth insists on exposing the following (all of which are historically documented and detailed in our Khav•rut′ â (free, on-line Distance Learning), and none of which Christians can ever validly refute):

  1. Church's glossover of pre-135 C.E. historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a (a Tor•âh′ -teaching Jew)—who is neither the enemy of mainstream Jews nor of genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a

  2. Christianity & Jesus are pseudo-historical, misojudaic syncretisms by post-135 C.E. idolatrous Roman Hellenists antithetical to pre-135 C.E. Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a. Jesus and (lә-hav•dil′ ) Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a are not the same; they are intractable and mutually exclusive opposites.

  3. The post-135 C.E. idolatrous Roman Hellenists’ syncretizing of a pseudo-historical, misojudaic, deified antithesis—the syncretized image of Jesus, which is the enemy of genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a no less than of any other Tor•âh′  Jews

  4. Authentic followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a—the Nәtzâr•im′ never abandoned Tor•âh′ 

  5. Authentic followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a—the Nәtzâr•im′ —accepted only Ta•na"kh′  as Scripture and only their own Hebrew Ma•tit•yâh′ u (The Nәtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM)) as a legitimate account of the life and teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a; never the NT

  6. Ki•pur′  has always been a gift of the khein (graciousness) of é--ä conditioned solely upon making tәshuv•âh′  and doing one's utmost to keep Tor•âh′ —not in any way connected to the Mâ•shi′ akh.

  7. "Negotiating" with Christians leaders or the pope cannot break the mold of "Jesus" or the NT, whom Christian leaders, including the pope, merely serve and cannot contradict or change. 2,000 years and Jews still butt their heads futilely against the impenetrable wall rather than think. There can be no more compelling an advocate among Christians than the real guy himself, the historical Pharisaic Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, directly teaching sincere Christians, including Christian Jews, to abandon Christianity and its counterfeit image fabricated by idolatrous Roman gentiles—Jesus—and to turn, instead, to Tor•âh′ !!!

Mainstream Jews & genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a (recognized by an Orthodox Beit-Din) should both consider the progress implicit in the ramifications of these points as well as the amplified progress that could be achieved through the cooperation of mainstream Jews & genuine followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, each reinforcing the other, each making the other more effective.

The essential historical documentation and ‘how-to’ guide—which has been repeatedly demonstrated to be overwhelmingly effective for the first time in 2,000 years—are found in our free, on-line Khav•rut′ â. For details on our free, on-line Khav•rut′ â tailored to your perspectives, follow the "Khav•rut′ â" link from the appropriate Ministry (Jews: our "Tәshuv•âh′  Center" Absorption Ministry or Non-Jews: our "Non-Jews" Foreign Ministry).

Until Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u researched the Nәtzâr•im′  name and sect and began publishing about it in 1972 in The Nәtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM), no one in modern times was even aware of the name Nәtzâr•im′  . It stretches credulity that no one in modern times had heard of the Nәtzâr•im′  until Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u published it in 1972… and then, suddenly, everybody figured it out??? Today, there are countless charlatans calling themselves "Netzarim." They are fakes. Check (and verify) the dates of the earliest works about the Nәtzâr•im′  by the others and you’ll see that they are deceiver-plagiarist Christians. Then insist on the person whom é--ä selected to entrust the knowledge, not self-proclaimed plagiarizing imposters who falsely call their continuing practice of Christian Displacement Theology "Netzarim," "Nazarene Judaism" or "Orthodox Messianic."

Because we teach and practice the authentic Judaic teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ anot Displacement Theology—we are the only group who have restored the Nәtzâr•im′  and been accepted in the legitimate, Orthodox, Jewish community in Israel—like Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original Nәtzâr•im′ ! Consequently, our ‘Nәtzâr•im′  Quarter’ website is the only website of legitimate Nәtzâr•im′  / Nazarene Judaism.

If you care about your relatives and friends, give everyone you’ve ever known the chance to know about this exciting site. Send them our web site address (www.netzarim.co.il) that opens modern eyes for the first time to the Judaic world that Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original Nәtzâr•im′  knew, practiced and taught; before the Hellenizing apostasies of Paul the Apostate (a Hellenist Turkish-Jew) and 135 C.E.

If you came directly to this page from a search engine or some other site, you can click on our logo below (or at the top) for an exciting visit to the ‘Nәtzâr•im′  Quarter’ (NQ) where you’ll learn about historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original, Jewish, followers before the idolatrous Roman-Hellenist apostasy of 135 C.E.—and even more importantly, how you (whether Jew or non-Jew) can follow the historically true, Judaic, Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a. In Hebrew, his original followers were called the Nәtzâr•im′  (Hellenized to "Nazarenes").

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