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Update: 2017.12.11

Note that, the "Big Bang" theorizes that, Poof!, nothing self-​detonated into an exploding universe, implying [a] magic boomium and [b] that a patch theory has to be introduced to allow for an initial "Inflation" — dispersion of matter at speeds greater than the speed of light — and correct the original idea of slowing of gravity and reverse expansion to eventually implode again to nothing. To the intractable contrary, however, the universe is not only expanding, it's accelerating outward! Only an external Attraction, a Pulling-Apart, could account for the acceleration as matter approaches ever nearer the external Source Attraction Force.

Like a computer depends upon a crystal's oscillation, which varies slightly by temperature, for it's clock and "metabolism," all matter depends upon Einstein's equation for its clock-speed metabolism – "time" for every particle of matter within the universe is determined by energy operating on mass through distance (space). Ergo, relative time for all particles within the universe seems to be nothing more than our perception of some kind of reciprocal function measuring differences in momentum relative to our perspective (earth's rotational and orbital speeds relative to the sun and galactic travel through the universe).

The vision of these physicists is still impaired by being internally constrained — within the universe instead of expanding their vision to the entire structure. Like Einstein, until now physicists have failed to take into account the constraints of the internal perspective of the universe as contrasted with the overview enabled by a far larger, external perspective. Viewed externally, time is the same everywhere in the universe at any given instant – the uFrame (uFr), despite operating differently on physical metabolisms within the universe. An outside view of the universe is even more different from conventional models than the various internal views of the conventional models are from each other.

Physicists are just now being forced to deal with the universe from this external view that I've been advocating for decades; a different (non-)matter altogether. The Biblical – "The Big Stretch-Apart" (BStrA).

This major adjustment in physicists' limited grasp of internally-limited relativity, advanced by PhD student Gábor Rácz of Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, represents, at long and exasperating last, a turning point in the continuing, decades-long, string of imagineering patches to flaws and contradictions in parts of the stale conventional simulations of the "Big Bang." This is a step in the direction of resolving the many flaws and contradictions in the stale conventional "Big Bang" Theory: inter alia,

  1. an explosion causing an accelerating expansion of the universe in contradiction of gravity. (Explosions result in decelerating expansion even without gravity; which, in the case of the universe, acts to slow and reverse expansion – which is the opposite of what is happening!)

  2. "Big Bang" need for apparently non-existent "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" to explain accelerating expansion

  3. the missing boomium for nothing to self-detonate in an explosion ("Big Bang")

  4. Contradiction between relativity and quantum physics

  5. Inflation-Horizon Problem — Physicists findings are that while the universe "happened" in one event, it happened simultaneously in locations too distant to be connected, even by light — a conundrum for the "Big Bang" theory. A Big Stretch-Apart, caused by external multipole attractive force, by contrast, could as easily trigger simultaneous counter-energy (counter-force) "seedlings", all from the same external multipole attractive force event, with no limitation on the physical distance between where they simultaneously resulted, all resulting from the same initial event — resolving the Inflation-Horizon conundrum.

  6. Double-Slit Photon Interference Experiment conundrum

  7. Time conundrums – the math, E = mc2, defines 1 second of time as reducing to nothing more than 1 Joule (energy) applied to 1 kilogram (mass) over a distance of 299,792 kilometers; in American units: 1 foot-pound of force (energy) applied to 1 pound of weight (mass) over a distance of 186,282.4 miles (983,571,056.43045 ft.) – a human convention for convenient sequential (historical) reference of a (quantum) state of the universe, not an independent physical dimension.

Accelerating expansion, according to Newton's inverse square Law, implies particles accelerating toward the Source of an attractive force, not being repelled by an undetectable, assumed (made up and apparently non-existent) internal repellant "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" in accordance with the "Big Bang" Theory. This suggests that, rather than a "Big Bang", an external attractive force "stretched apart" nothing, leaving reaction (anti-) forces in the resulting gap that were not present prior to applying the external attractive force (the Prime Force) – the resulting forces comprising the cosmos.

Interestingly, this is precisely how Ta•na"kh describes creation, using the verb : Shᵊmu•eil Beit 22.10; Yᵊsha•yâhu 40.22 ( pa•al gerund; is stretching); 42.5 ( and stretching-out their…; pa•al gerund); 44.24 ( pa•al gerund); *45.12 ( pa•al pret. - [hands] stretched-apart); 48.13 ( pi•eil pret.); 51.13 ( pa•al gerund); Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu 10.12 ( pa•al pret.); 51.15 ( pa•al pret.); Zᵊkhar•yâh 12.1 ( pa•al gerund); Tᵊhil•im 18.10 ( pa•al fu.); 104.2 ( pa•al gerund); 144.5 ( hiph•il imper.).

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