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Update: 2017.12.27

Philistines v "Palestinians"/​Paliban

Until 135 C.E., the Hellenist name "Palestine" referred only to a region of Syria and ٍاوجبن (A•zâh; — Hellenized to 'Gaza') that had been occupied by the Philistines, not to Israel or Yᵊhud•âh in-between, which had been occupied by the indigenous Israelis/​Jews. It wasn't until some time after 135 C.E. that Hellenist Romans renamed Yᵊhud•âh to Hellenist "Palestine"—in a deliberately miso-Judaic gesture. 'Palestine' as a name for Yᵊhud•âh or Israel never existed prior to the Roman Hellenization some time after 135 C.E.! Ever since, only the ignorant, and Hellenist miso-Judaics, call it 'Palestine.'

A check of history books and encyclopedias in your local university or public library will confirm that while a number of countries have "administered" the Holy Land, no country has exercised sovereignty over Israel since the expulsion of Jews in 135 C.E. Except for the indigenous Jews, no country or people has any innate or inherited right to sovereignty. 'Palestinian' claims of sovereignty are a PR bubble devoid of any basis – peddled by a newly manufactured Arab-identity that never existed before 1967. (Prior to 1967, "Palestinians" were defined as Jews living in the Holy Land.) However, the 'Palestinians' claim of occupation is valid. There is an occupation by Arab squatters who moved in after the Romans drove the indigenous Jews from our native land. The Holy Land is Arab-occupied Israel!!!

Many readers may be shocked to learn that "Palestinians" in modern parlance at first didn't refer to Arabs at all. In modern times, "Palestinians" was an inaccurate and misleading term foisted by miso-Judaic gentiles on post-Holocaust Jews returning to their indigenous, native Holy Land of Yᵊhūdâh (Judea).

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