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Arab Janbiya (Jambia)

Symbol of manhood worn (until recently) by all Arab men and boys, but prohibited to be worn by any Jew (hover over photos for details).

Janbiya (or Jambiya) in belt Janbiya (or Jambiya) by sheath

However, I was enlightened by Artzi Yarom at Oriental Arms (www.oriental-arms.com ) that "The dagger with a curved blade was developed some time in the 12 - 13 C. in the Indo - Persian part of the world and from there migrated east and west to the entire Islamic world."

So, I researched 1st century Roman daggers, which was probably what 1st century Judeans used, and found the following (hover over photos for details):

1st Century Roman Pugio

(www.romancoins.info/MilitaryEquipment-pugio.html#First Century; accessed 2011.04.13)

Probably the dagger used by Sicarii

1st century Roman Pugio in scabbard 1st century Roman Pugio by scabbard

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