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Typically, inquirers from the Christian world assume that they already are Nᵊtzâr•im. If you are Christian, if you believe that Jesus (by whatever name) is your salvation, or if you believe the Διαθηκη Καινη (NT) is Bible (or Scripture or Word of god), then you are not a Nᵊtzâr•im!

Historically, as we prove elsewhere in this website, belief in the 4th century Hellenist gentile Roman-occupiers' syncretized Displacement Theology is intractably incompatible with, and contradictory to, Tor•âh practiced by Ribi Yᵊho•shua and his original Jewish Nᵊtzâr•im until they were deposed and usurped by gentile Romans in 135 C.E.

Tor•âh prohibits additions or redactions to itself (Dᵊvâr•im 13.1, inter alia) and provides that ki•pur is solely through doing one's utmost to live one's life according to the principles of Tor•âh and relying solely on ‑‑ alone—not His Mâ•shiakh—for ki•pur.

Whether you are "recognized" as a Jew or a gentile, becoming a Nᵊtzâr•im reconciles you with the Creator, His Tor•âh and His people (not necessarily the secular Israeli government nor the radicalized Ultra-Orthodox Ra•bân•ut). Gentiles, once they surpass the Shëva Mi•tzᵊw•ōt Bᵊn•ei akh in their journey to become fully Tor•âh keeping, graduate to no longer be gentiles but geir•im. (Caveat: keeping only these 7 is merely the required minimum threshold to get started keeping Tor•âh, not acceptable as an end for anything more than seeing a rainbow.) For the geir, conversion by a moderate (not ultra-) Orthodox rabbi, if you are able, then becomes a requirement (not merely an option). As long as you aren't able to convert by a moderate (not ultra-) Orthodox rabbi, then there's nothing wrong with remaining a geir.

For clarity, a Christian cannot become a Nᵊtzâr•im without first renouncing Christianity, renouncing belief in Jesus (by whatever name) as your salvation, and renouncing belief in the Διαθηκη Καινη (NT) – and then committing to a life practice of doing one's utmost to live according to the principles of Tor•âh as demonstrated by moderate (not ultra-) Orthodox Jews around the world. To apply modern knowledge to Ribi Hi•leil's famous remark, the rest is logical interpretation. If this is your orientation to Ribi Yᵊho•shua as Mâ•shiakh, then your life practice demonstrates that, whether Jew or geir, you are a Nᵊtzâr•im. Conversely, If this is not your orientation to the Mâ•shiakh, then your life practice demonstrates that, whether Jew or geir, you are not a Nᵊtzâr•im! As Ribi Yᵊho•shua observed, "By their fruits shall you recognize them." So you can distinguish authentic Nᵊtzâr•im from Christian poser phonies and deceivers.

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