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Displacement Theology Misojudaization of Scripture

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For response to any Christian arguments based on interpretations of Tana"kh passages or issues not covered herein, please advise us of the passage and Christian argument via the appropriate Ministry in the panel at left. '", we will promptly provide an effective response and incorporate it into this knowledgebase.

Since at least the 2nd century C.E., Christians have perverted many passages from Tana"kh to supposedly "prophesy" their Hellenist-idol counterfeit. Muslims adopted these same perversion since the 6th century C.E. The logical fallacies inherent in these misojudaic Displacement Theology perversions of Scripture are exposed in Messianic Issues.

However, the only way that the original (Paul & subsequent) Christians, and later the Muslims, could claim to be the "real" Israel was to dispossess and displace "physical Israel" – "Jews of the flesh." This resulted in a litany of perversions of Scripture having no direct connection to prophecies of the shiakh. Their only aim was to "prove" that the "Jews of the flesh" had been "lost and rejected by G*od," "enemies of the Church" and, therefore, "servants of Satan" (documented in the "Apostasy" room of our History Museum). These perversions of Scripture are patently misojudaic.

In every case, the Christian (or Muslim) must "switch" to their NT (or Quran) to make any point at all. This is because misojudaic (antinomian) interpretations contradict Torâh and the only way that Torâh can be distorted and perverted is to rely on a perverse and false authority: the NT (and Quran). That switch, if you're alert to detect it, is the fatal flaw. Discussion must stop short of this switch, requiring the Christian or Muslim to first prove – from Torâh which Christians and Muslims both claim is their foundation (!!!) – the validity and authority of their NT. The NT (or Quran) contradicts Torâh and their task is absolutely impossible. But if you allow Christians or Muslims to assume so much as a part of a verse of their NT, even for a moment, you will have bogged down in false premises and lost the argument.

Because the NT (and Quran) contradicts Torâh and presumes to supersede and displace Torâh, there is no possibility of validating the NT (or Quran) from Torâh. Therefore, if you admit only arguments from Torâh you cannot lose. However, if you allow tân to assume his NT (or Quran) – for so much as a verse or an instant – you cannot win. The recipe for success is that simple – and unforgivingly ironclad. The overconfidence of thinking you can disprove Christianity using the NT, or disprove Islam from the Quran, is a certain formula for failure. Christianity and Islam are built on falsifying history, embracing contradictions, redactions, deceptions, false assumptions and misojudaic lies. Your arguments against them will make no difference. They simply retort with "But…," go to another argument (usually asking you to prove your position – trying to shift the burden of proof to the known before the advent of Christianity or Islam), move on and you lose. You must make it ironclad that logic requires assumption of the known and any departure from that known (which is Torâh before Christianity or Islam) must be proven (not merely asserted or shown possible). Accept nothing less and don't get sucked into showing off your knowledge by answering their questions on any other subject. Stick to requiring them to demonstrate the logic of their claims from Torâh. Never let them change the subject from that hard and firm goal. If they don't do it advise them that, until they do, they are false teachers.

Because Christians and Muslims often build on distortions in translations, in such cases, the Hebrew is given and each word is analyzed.

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