Museum Plan Overview - 1st Century Judaism Teimanim (Yemenite Jews) Mashiakh cannot contradict Tanakh upon which his claim of Mashiakh depends! Pharisee Judaism Spirit of Holiness' - defined by Tanakh 30-99 C.E. 100-199 C.E. Birth of Christianity I-ei-s-o-u-s (J-e-s-u-s) Name J-e-s-u-s' Face Fabrication of Popes 666 200-299 C.E. 300-333 C.E. Orthodox Torah Times & Seasons Impact of the Netzarim in the Jewish Community: Remedy for Assimilation and Intermarriage + Antidote to Misojudaism Invitation: Jew or Non-Jew: The Netzarim Invite YOU!