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The 'Netzarim Quarter' Village, Ra·anana, Israel. This is the only site that speaks for the Nәtzârim. (English & עברית)

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YouTube, upon being acquired by Google, deleted our account and our videos – leaving a host of phonies calling themselves "Netzarim."

There are many plagiarist fakes calling themselves "Netzari," "Netzarim" or the like—groups, forums and websites of goy•im′  Christians promoting their self-proclaimed Displacement Theology, by goy•im′  Christians promoting their self-proclaimed Displacement Theology, about goy•im′  Christians promoting their self-proclaimed Displacement Theology and for goy•im′  Christians promoting their self-proclaimed Displacement Theology.

Christian methodology remains the same as with the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Talpiot Tomb: first, suppress. If that fails, creat a plethora of obfuscation and counterfeits that will keep Christians confused as to which is which for at least their lifetime, the blind leading the blind—while Judaism marches serenely unaffected into the future. Goy•im′  suffer in ignorance, not Jews.

None—not one—of their forums are an Orthodox Jewish venue and Orthodox Jews do not entertain arguments about Orthodox Judaism from non-Orthodox "Jews"; much less gentile or mәshum•âd•im′  Christians. Whatever goy•im′  say or write has no relevance within Orthodox Judaism. The only "centralized repository" of the Nәtzâr•im′  has long been in the only place it can be: within the Orthodox Jewish community, namely www.netzarim.co.il!!! Everything outside of the Orthodox Jewish community is, uh, outside the Orthodox Jewish community; i.e., outside of the Nәtzâr•im′ .


Think about it. If the Chief Rabbi says one thing and any or all of these groups say something different… Does that change or in any way affect Orthodox Judaism??? It's a laugher. Unsubstantiated opinions from outside of the Orthodox Jewish community have a cumulative value of nothing. It's no different with the Pâ•qid′  and Beit-Din Nәtzâr•im′  who has been open and in good standing among some Orthodox rabbis in the Israeli Jewish community for more than a decade.

Plagiarizing Displacement Theology fakes have always been the problem with all venues outside of Orthodox Judaism; all of whom, being outside of Orthodox Judaism, are fakes, deceivers and counterfeits. If they want to get the facts, "go to the only Orthodox Jewish authoritative and, therefore, the only Nәtzâr•im′  site, this site: www.netzarim.co.il, and read!!!"

The Nәtzâr•im′  were Jews, in good standing in the Pәrush•i′  community, not goy•im′  nor living among the goy•im′ . Similarly, no one can be Nәtzâr•im′  unless they are in good standing in the Pәrush•i′  community exactly like (!!!) Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original Nәtzâr•im′  Jewish followers. Thus, only followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a led by an Orthodox Jew authority in good standing in today's Orthodox (successors to the Pәrush•im′ ) Jewish community—and a member in good standing in an Orthodox synagogue, can be Nәtzâr•im′ . Such recognition can only be conferred by an Orthodox Jewish Beit-Din, never self-proclaimed Displacement by charlatans who have to hide their identity or their affiliation!!!

Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u is the only Nәtzâr•im′  authority and Rosh Beit-Din who has been formally and officially accepted in the Orthodox Jewish community and is a member in good standing for more than a decade in an Orthodox synagogue: the Yemenite synagogue, Mo•resh′ et Âv•ot′ , in Ra•a•nan′ â(h), Israel!!! All of the others are rejected by the Orthodox Jewish community as illegitimate Christian deceivers who are outside of Judaism—exactly the Nәtzâr•im′  (being in Orthodox Judaism) position!!! None can identify themselves as a member in good standing in an Orthodox Jewish community, or in an Orthodox synagogue (at least not without immediately being expelled). All others are gentile or mәshum•âd•im′  plagiarists, deceiving Christian counterfeits based on nothing but their own, fraudulent self-proclamations.

Neither Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a nor the Nәtzâr•im′  were gentiles, mәshum•âd•im′ , plagiarists, deceivers, Christians, counterfeits, fraudulent or self-proclaimed. They were recognized, accepted and in good standing as fellow Yәhud•im′  Pәrush•im′ .

Those who claim differently are something different!!! Christians and their NT are the Displacement Theology—not Nәtzâr•im′ !!!

Regarding Tal•mud′  references, these are responses to post-135 C.E., Pauline Christianity—the same goy•im′  and mәshum•âd•im′  who now pervert Tal•mud′  to represent that it supports their Christian displacement theology in their churches (they are not synagogues), forums and websites (!!!). You'll find these answers in our History Museum: 135 C.E. and follow the link "Displacement Theology (Christian & Muslim) Misojudaic Perversions of Scripture." If a question arises that isn't answered there, I'll answer it there.

The Pәshitә′  has been proven to be a translation from the Greek NT—which was rejected by the Nәtzâr•im′ !

There is only one group of followers of Ribi Yәhoshua in the Orthodox Jewish community – the community in which Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Jewish followers lived – on the planet, led by an Orthodox Jew who lives, prays and is in good standing in the Orthodox Jewish community – and that's us! The above is a complete list of ALL legitimate Nәtzârim affiliated websites. Please note that www.netzarim.co.il, here in Ra·anana, Israel, is the only site that speaks for the Beit Din ha-Nәtzârim.

Christian orientation is so radically different from Judaic orientation that Christians haven't the foggiest notion how to distinguish between authentic Judaism and the counterfeit "Judaism." Anyone who dresses up to look Jewish and surrounds himself with a few Jewish symbols fools any Christian because Christians don't have any idea what distinguishes legitimate Judaism from counterfeit "Judaism."

So I'm going to give Christians a short-cut that ALWAYS works (ask any Orthodox rabbi):

  1. Understand that the Orthodox Jewish community accepts NO Christian group (whether calling themselves "Messianic," "Orthodox Messianic" or even denying they are Christians while clinging to Christian doctrines).

  2. Carefully and exhaustively, check out the network of associations of the person or group in question.

  3. If their network includes ANY Messianic or any other Christian group then they are a counterfeit and fraud. (There is NO such thing as "Orthodox Messianic"; they are simply "Messianic" Christians).

  4. If their network fails to include legitimate associations in the Orthodox Jewish community then they are a counterfeit and fraud

If you want to understand why this is so, and I encourage you to study to understand, then you'll first have to recognize how alien Christians are to Judaic knowledge and even 1st-century history. To even minimally educate yourself in Judaism and Torâh will require at least completing the first three texts of our Khavrutâ. No one who has studied these three books has ever come away not understanding. On the other side of the coin, I don't know of anyone (Christian or Jew) who hasn't studied these three books who has ever grasped the scope of the chasm that divides Christianity and Judaism, much less how to cross that chasm.

Only those who have completed our Nәtzârim Khavrutâ distance learning and have then petitioned and been recognized by the Beit Din ha-Nәtzârim are Nәtzârim. Don't take the word of anyone claiming to be a Nәtzârim, by whatever sound-alike name. A legitimate Nәtzârim will encourage you to verify their status with the Beit Din ha-Nәtzârim, which is here in Ra·ananâ(h). Please do request verification from us of anyone claiming to be a Nәtzârim. (Use the contact link after clicking the appropriate ministry building in the panel at left. Be sure to give your email address carefully so that we can answer your request.) All websites on this list are authored by Nәtzârim. No other websites that claim to be Nәtzârim (by whatever sound-alike name) are legitimate or connected with the legitimate Jewish community. Any and all websites claiming to be Nәtzârim, or claiming to be in any way connected to the Nәtzârim, by whatever sound-alike name, but are not listed here are phony.

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