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Datlash  (Vangards of Change)

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If you're an adult who has long thought about contradictions, hypocrisy and conflicts of logic and reality in the dati mindset, leaving you confined in darkness by keeping knowledge from you; if you long for knowledge, science and the reality of scientific history of Judaism and Israel, in real world freedom to pursue your interests; if these things have left you feeling like a prisoner in your community, and desiring escape, you're not alone. There have been like-minded thousands before you, who also discovered contradictions and injustices, and resolved to break their chains in order to become better educated and enlightened—and especially to enable your future children a far freer, better and brighter life. There are organizations in Israel that offer help to you; see יוצאים לשינוי (Vanguards of Change). Following are points you need to cover.

Note: It's imperative to plan carefully without confiding in anyone or making notes that could be discovered prematurely, perhaps derailing your plans; all well ahead of any reveal or departure—including this visit. Don't forget to erase your browser history—after you've finished reading. After closing this window, click the "History" tab above this window. Then, on the resulting menu, click "Clear recent history". You should do this after every computer session that you deem sensitive.

Planning & Preparation: Your Exit Strategy

  1. Plan how you will break contact from your community, selectively, in order to preclude future harassment (Yad l'Akhim, et al,).

    Don't open any popular social media account—nor WhatsApp. If you already have such an account, stop posting—without explanation; just ghost and go dark. Signal is far more secure than WhatsApp (or even Telegram, etc.). You can open a separate group to communicate with each person separately.

    Obtain an unlisted cellphone

    1. with a new billing address that you keep secret,

    2. You can call whomever you need to talk to. They don't need to call you on this special-purpose cellphone. Avoid being harrased, or worse yet, tracked without your knowledge: don't give the number to anyone. This cellphone is to be a secure phone that enables you to call whomever you wish without being overheard, recorded, etc.

    3. Be sure it's a cellphone that doesn't display your caller ID to the other party but

    4. allows you to ID and screen incoming calls before answering.

    5. Set the cellphone camera to timestamp photographs that you take in case you need to document a problem for an attorney (consult the Vanguards of Change website above).

  2. For your next living space: it's inexpensive to obtain a front-door peephole cam, quickly and easily interchangeable with the standard peephole. They're not detectable from the outside the door and they not only show you clearly, on a small LED screen, who is on the other side of the door, you should select a model that automatically photographs and timestamps the photo—to a temporary file—when activated. When you wish to save an event, before the peephole cam overwrites the temporary file, you or a computer-savvy friend can simply download the temporary event file from the peephole cam to a permanent file on a computer.)

  3. Pre-plan your exit a strictly need-to-know-only reveal (preferably no one until after exit)

    1. Take advantage of outside assistance concerning

      • how you should document any future harassment or threats you might receive (enabling you, with outside, perhaps even legal, assistance to remedy it)

      • a place to live,

      • job education or training,

      • properly-qualified professional encouragement and advice.

    2. Your reveal

      • Preclude being dragged into arguments or being harassed. Strongly consider 1-way (you-to-them) contact only to keep your contact details to yourself. This allows you to contact only whom you wish, when you wish and to terminate contact if you wish, for as long as you wish. You keep control of communications.

      • Plan to whom, or whether, you will personally reveal or a direct a 3rd party how to handle that for you, work out the wording to each, and means of communication (Signal, email, phone call, etc.) to reveal. Get help how to set up different Signal groups for different people

    3. Be prepared how to deal with each person whom you permit to contact you, or to whom you give your new address. Avoid a surprise Yad l"Akhim "intervention" visit, bringing reinforcements (especially late night or early morning to deliberately catch you off-guard), etc.

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