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בֵּית דָּוִד

Beit Dâ•wid; בית דוד, Beit David, Beit DawidHouse of Dâ•wid (also spelled דָּוִיד; corrupted to "David"), variant of the cognate דוֹד (Dod) meaning "uncle", probably akin to today's "bro"; i.e. a close friend or pal. They are related to יָדִיד (yâ•did; friend, companion), often inaccurately exaggerated to "beloved." Even the fem., יְדִידָה (yᵊdid•âh), at least in Biblical usage, is more accurately rendered "girlfriend."

"Beloved," a cognate of "love," by comparison, more properly reflects אָהוּב (â•huv; beloved-man) or the fem. אֲהוּבָה (a•huv•âh; beloved-woman), from the verb אָהַב (â•hav; he loved).

Thus, דוֹדִי (dod•i), in לְכָה דוֹדִי (Lᵊkh•a Dod•i; Let's go, my bosom-buddy—not "come, my beloved"), means "my bosom buddy"—where both the verb and noun are masc. sing. Thus, Lᵊkh•a Dod•i negates the conventional Qa•bâl•âh explanation of going forth to greet the (feminine) Shab•ât. Rather, it corroborates the Biblical theme of Israel, the wife, going forth to greet her Husband, י--ה, on Shab•ât.

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