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Updated: 2013.09.20

misojudaism (simpletoremember.com)

μισο-, from μισεω + Judaism.

As our Arab cousins are correct in pointing out, being Semites themselves, hatred of Jews or Israel on their part cannot be anti-Semitism because they are not anti-themselves or anti- other Arabs. Even non-Arab Muslims and racists argue that they don't hate Arabs, therefore they are not anti-Semitic—and they are right! They hate Israel and Jews, not Semites. Not even all Jews (viz., converted Jews) are Semites; certainly, not all Semites are Jews.

Judeophobic, "an irrational fear of Judaism / Jews" is even more inaccurate than anti-Semitism.

Wake up! It all comes down to acceptance or rejection (hatred) of the Bible (Ta•na"kh)—the Tor•âh of --! Misojudaics hate the Bible because it is the defining reason that a people-nation of Jews and Israel exists! Those who hate Jews and Israel insidiously hate its cause – the Bible, making them enemies of its Author—--!

Without the Bible, Av•râ•hâm, Yi•tzᵊkhâq and Ya•a•qov-Yi•sᵊr•â•eil would have remained Kᵊna•an•im of Iraqi descent. There would never have been any Israel in the world nor would there ever have been the first Jew in the world. Jews and Israel are both ultimately defined by, and derive from, the Bible, the bᵊrit of Tor•âhJudaism! Even those "Jews" who deny Judaism, trying to escape being a Jew, continue to be defined by the world in terms of a racist legacy consequent to being a descendant of an ancestor who was included in the bᵊrit of Tor•âh—Judaism.

What is ultimately hated, therefore, is the Judaism that is responsible for the existence of Jews and Israel; and the correct term for such hatred is, therefore, misojudaism and misojudaic. Note that, also unlike the term anti-Semitism, misojudaism also, properly, defines "born Jews" who reject Judaism as misojudaic—not exempting "born Jews," thus eliminating this racism inherent in the term anti-Semitism.

For the world, and Jews, to refuse to learn is to continue to beat a dead horse; inadvertently contributing, through intransigence, to the perpetuation of an ineffective and self-defeating term that helps deflect and excuse the continued hatred of Jews and Israel. To refuse to adapt in a progressing world is to become extinct. 2,000 years should be more than enough of refusal to learn and adapt.

The Christian Church adopted the euphemism "antinomianism" in order to gloss over—and continue to practice—their intrinsic core misojudaism. Anti-nomianism derives from the Hellenist (Greek) νομος, which is anti-Judaism—misojudaism. The Christian Church has self-professed misojudaism from its very beginning, simply "packaging" it in a euphemism.

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