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Updated: 2013.09.29

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A•jin (Borrowed from Arabic.) Bread dough from which several types of Tei•mân•i breads are made. Basic recipe (refine over time)— (khâ•lâv, or substitute margarine for butter):

  1. Mix everything except the butter together, knead a bit for smoothness. Then cover and rest the dough for three hours.

  2. Divide the dough into 8 pieces. Flatten out one piece to about six inches in diameter. Incorporate about two teaspoons of butter into the dough circle, pushing and kneading it in but maintaining the circle.

  3. Cut a line open from the center of the circle to the outside edge. Take one end and roll it around counterclockwise into a small cone. These are ajins. (See Jakhnun for a photo of a finished recipe using ajins.) Prepare all pieces of dough in the same way. Bake as directed in individual recipe.

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