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Updated: 2013.09.29

Âl•einu; [it is] upon us…

This is the penultimate prayer in morning liturgy of the Tei•mân•i prayer book (differing only in a few words from other traditions):

" to praise •don of everything, to give greatness to the Creator [Who], bᵊ-Reish•it (at first, distorted to "in the beginning"), didn't make us [to be] like the goy•im of the lands nor placed us where the families of the a•dâm•âh are; Who hasn't placed our portion [to be] like their portion, nor our destiny [to be] like all of the teeming-masses who bow to vain and empty [g*o*ds] and pray to an eil that won't save;

But we bow before the King, [Who is] King of kings, blessed be He, Who spread the heavens and founded the land, the settlement of His dearness is in the heavens above, and the Shᵊkhin•âh of His strength is in the pinnacles of the heights.

He is our Ël•oh•im and there is no other. It is true, He is our King. There is none beside Him.

As it is written in His Tor•âh,

"And you shall know today, and restore it to your heart, that ha-Sheim is Who is the Ël•oh•im of the heavens above and the land below. There is no other like Him."

Therefore, we shall hope for You, ha-Sheim our Ël•oh•im, to see quickly by the opulence of Your strength, to transfer camel-droppings (i.e. idols) from the land and the charlatans shall be absolutely excised; to repair O•lâm in the Realm of the Almighty,


-- .


For Your Realm is to the O•lâms until [infinity], You shall reign in kâ•vod.

As is is written in Your Tor•âh, "ha-Sheim shall reign to the O•lâm and until [infinity]."

And it is written, "And ha-Sheim shall be for a King over all the land. In that day, ha-Sheim shall be, One, and His Name One."

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