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masc . n. am; , , , Am Yisraeil, am haaretz, am ha-aretz, Am, amim kinfolk, kindred, clan — originally an Egyptian term for Levantine ranchers & nomadic-herdsmen; (pl. ).

Compare with the Egyptian (hieroglyph figures face the beginning of the glyph. Ergo, in this case, reading left to right):  

āamHieroglyph aam (s) EgDict-111Hieroglyph aam (pl) EgDict-111Levantine
āa m āa m
āamuHieroglyph aamu (s) EgDict-111Hieroglyph aamu (pl) EgDict-111nomad, shepherd, herdsman, cow­boy, rancher, far­mer
āa m ew/​u āa m ew/​u

— a people of one language, who intermarry and intermingle in their settlements, who dwell, trade and intermarry peaceably together , who circumcise their males -.

- ‎ — kinfolk of the land; original Ta•na"kh usage included both indigenous natives of the land and . By the time of Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu ha-Nâ•vi, - evolved to refer to Yi•sᵊr•â•eil (laity, masses, commoners, the herd) in contrast to the mëlëkh (with his cabinet), and the kō•han•im.

contrasts against [modern spelling ] (goy•im), peoples.

Modern Rabbinic Corruption Of The Idiom -

Only in modern times, sanctimonious racist Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im (and many Orthodox) rabbis and Jews misapply the idiom, -, to Jews who assimilate, becoming or behaving below the Dark Ages European Kha•reid•i Ultra-Orthodox standard of acceptable racist sanctimony. Thus, the modern idiom has deteriorated to a pejorative referring to a class—or race—of others: boors, crude, uncouth or ill-bred; lacking culture, refinement and, especially, better-educated Jews who reject the Dark Ages European supernatural superstitions (magic) under the guise of illogical, unscientific and ahistorical Orthodox faux halacha. Thus, the phrase - has, in the last couple of centuries, been corrupted to a pejorative idiom meaning a boor, particularly as contrasted to the Ultra-Orthodox, racist-reformed (Nuremberg) definition of -; and, by this post-Enlightenment, Orthodox reform, includes both goy•im and unlearned and apostate Jews who have become like the goy•im, who assimilate into the goy•im.

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