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How Christians Can Upgrade to Become Nәtzâr•imꞋ :

Christians are correct in believing that the 1st century C.E. Hebrew- and Aramaic-speaking Pharisee RibꞋ i Yәho•shuꞋ a is the Mâ•shiꞋ akh of Tor•âhꞋ . However, when reading historical hard evidence and facts, Christians have some kind of blind spot that prevents them from seeing what they don't want to see. As documented in my books and elsewhere in this website:

For those who are really determined to follow his authentic teachings, upgrading to the standard of legitimacy to become a Nәtzâr•imꞋ  is the ultimate answer you have always been seeking… but, to do this, you must overcome a 2nd-4th century Roman gentile deception and apostasy.

Christians—by definition, ALL Christians—remain unaware and uneducated in the 2nd-4th century history of the Greek-speaking Hellenist Roman occupiers, who, with the help of their Greek-speaking Hellenist Sadducee collaborators, substituted their own, Hellenizedapostate and fictional—version: Jesus, their new religion: Christianity, and their new Διαθηκη Καινη (NT)!

Oxford historian, James Parkes, documented the antipodal and intractably contradictory natures of these two opposites in his classic work, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue, a Study in the Origins of Antisemitism. I have further clarified the intractability of the contradictions in my book, Who Are the Netzarim? Live-Link (e-WAN Live-Link).

Christian scholars never tell Christians that even their own earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius, recorded that the original Jewish followers of RibiYehoshua, the Nәtzâr•imꞋ , refused the Greek NT as HellenistGreekapostasy. The only account of the teachings of RibiYehoshua that his original Nәtzâr•imꞋ  Jewish followers accepted was "their own Hebrew Matityahu"!!!

From the time of the giving of the Tor•âhꞋ  to Mosh•ëhꞋ  on Har Sin•aiꞋ , the *provision of ki•purꞋ * (displaced by the Hellenist "plan of salvation") was expressed in the Shәm•aꞋ : love and serve י--ה with your all, making tәshuv•âh′  for shortcomings, and He, in his khein, promised to provide ki•purꞋ . You need only trust His Word, Tor•âhꞋ  for that. And Tor•âhꞋ  explicitly forbade (Dәvâr•imꞋ  13.1-6) adding any new "testament" or other additional requirements!!!

By contrast, the heart of the new 4th-century Hellenist religion of Christianity retained the salvific theme of their native Greek mythology, developing a new "plan of salvation" – based on the Roman gentiles' preconceived—Hellenist—beliefs in a man-turned-god idol, Zeus (based in the even earlier Egyptian belief in a man-turned-god idol, Horus). All of the "gods" of mythology derived from earlier kings and pharaohs who were deemed to have transformed at death (often during their lifetime) into gods–i.e., man-gods; the origins of their entire idolatrous "divine man-god" idea. The Hellenist core of this new religion of the Roman gentiles is also evidenced in their adoption, centuries later (!!!), of the Hellenist Sun[god]day, Mary Mother of God (based on Hathor – the golden calf and Isis; later, the Greek goddess Rhea), Easter, Christmas (Christ-mass), etc.

WIthin a few decades after the Romans forcibly ousted the last (15th) Nәtzâr•imꞋ  Jewish Pâ•qidꞋ  (expelling all Jews from Yәru•shâ•laꞋ yim) and displaced him with the first gentile Roman επισκοπος (bishop / pope) in 135 C.E. (documented by Eusebius: Ecclesiastical History IV.v.3) – in their newly renamed Hellenist city, Aelia Capitolina, the new religion realized that when two intractably contradictory religions claim the same origins, only one can be right and true while the other, a priori, is false. For the new Roman gentile religion to be accepted as true required that it condemn the "other" (Nәtzâr•imꞋ  and other Jews) as false, forsaken by God, deceivers, liars, sons of Sâ•tânꞋ  and enemies of their new Churchexactly what Oxford historian James Parkes and every other reputable historian confirms happened!!! (And repeats periodically!)

The doctrine that Tor•âhꞋ  is the "law of sin and death" is a Christian canard, the epitome of misojudaism. The original—and only authentic—"plan of salvation" is found only in Tor•âhꞋ . Everything subsequent is a supersessionist "pretend salvation" of Displacement Theology. Those who vilify Tor•âhꞋ  to rely instead on "pretend salvation" have doomed themselves to lack the ki•purꞋ  essential to co-mingle with the Perfect Creator in hâ-o•lâm′  ha-bâ′ ; misled by their own respective Displacement Theology. Reliance on "pretend salvation" is a fatal and eternally irreversible error. Jews have only been persecuted and killed by it in this life.

This site is not about anger or hate; we are like a doctor who has discovered, and must inform a patient, that, without extensive corrective surgery, he will die. Unfortunately, today's patient has been playing doctor for a couple of millennia without ever having gone to med school or their knowledge having been seriously challenged. Consequently, it takes an enormous and inescapable jolt for them to confront this reality check. This straightforward, deal-with-it confrontation with fact should not be mistaken for anger. We are about restoring this healing message of Tor•âhꞋ  to the world—for the good of Christians, Muslims and other gentiles no less than for the respite of Jews from persecution for remaining true to the Creator according to His Tor•âhꞋ .

You, too, can be chosen—the same way Israel was: by abandoning Displacement Theology and turning to the practice of Tor•âhꞋ . If not, it's the result of your own choice.

No one can follow two polar-opposite masters — the authentic, historical, pro-Tor•âhꞋ  1st-century Ribi from Nazareth and the 4th-century (post-135 C.E.), arch-antithesis anti-Torah apostasy developed by the Hellenists (namely the Sadducees and Roman pagans who conspired to kill Ribi Yәhoshua, displaced his original followers and redacted the NT).


The most effective way that moderate people — moderate Torah Jews and moderate Christians — can exert influence in the world is to join together in the realization that we all strive to serve the same Almighty One and, consequently, stressing tolerance and respect for each other's dignity.

Serving the One Almighty further dictates that, in areas of disagreement, discourse between us should be civil, respectful and tolerant; with no need to compromise on any point of truth. After all, whichever faith is true — i.e. authentic (logical, scientific and historically documented) — will prevail in intelligent discourse. No amount of force or terror inflicted by fallible men can long suppress truth in today's ever-shrinking global information highway, nor long impose a faith that isn't authentic and true. Scientists routinely disagree. So can intelligent and civilized religious people. Disagreement is healthy as long as logic, science, historical documentation, facts and civility rule. Violence and terror as heroic tools to further religious aims must be aggressively excised from the religious realm.

The accelerating rate of the universe's expansion necessarily implies, contrary to those who distort evolutionary theory without understanding what science states about its limitations, that a Creator is as real as the universe He created. Basing faith on the truth of reality creates an unshakable foundation that inevitably leads to convergence in the One Almighty. Putting faith before truth and reality, by contrast, leads, first of all, to untrue and errant religion. Secondly, putting faith before truth and reality creates breeches, greater divergence, radicalism and conflict between the three faiths that claim to derive from Avraham. If you're confident that your religion is true, then ensure that truth and intelligent discourse, not violence nor terror, prevail in your religion. Whether it's a Jewish underground, Christian supremicists or Muslim terrorists, having to resort to violence and terror against non-combatants in the name of a religion is proof that their version of religion cannot withstand intelligent discourse, proof that they cannot defend their religion with truth — proof that it is false.

The only path that leads with certainty to the real Almighty of the real world is the path defined by documented history, fact, logic and science (e.g. physics and cosmology). This remains true regardless whether one is a Jew beginning in Judaism, a Christian beginning in Christianity or a Muslim beginning in Islam. Documented history, fact, logic and science inexorably constrain every intelligent, rational and logical person to the same facts about historically-documentation.

When, soul by soul, the three faiths of Abraham converge toward a logical and scientific understanding of historical documentation, logic and science they will necessarily converge toward each other, healing the schisms in the family of Abraham, soul by soul, and unifying their vision — and the Name — of the Creator.

You're invited to participate—blogback—in our Web Café to ask questions, discuss and support joint cooperation toward shared goals of Biblical interests and values through useful—civil—discourse serving to bring the Abrahamic faiths closer to the One — real and true — Almighty and, therefore, to each other.

History of the Christian Church


(The various buildings in our 'Netzarim Quarter' virtual village — NQ — provide further details.)

  1. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius (260-340 CE), recorded in his Ecclesiastical History (EH II.xxiii.4) that the "charge" over the original Jewish followers of Ribi Yәhoshua had been given over to his brother, the first Nәtzarim Paqid, Ya·aqov "ha-Tzadiq" Ben-David (Hellenized to "James the Just").

  2. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius also documented that the Nәtzarim excised Saul, thereafter referred to exclusively as Paul, judging him an apostate (EH III.xxvii.4; see also NT corroboration in Ma·avar 15.41 with note 15.41.0 of Appendix V in Atonement In the Biblical 'New Covenant' (ABNC).

  3. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius further documented (EH IV.vi.3-4) that, in 135 CE, the Roman gentiles displaced the Nәtzarim by their expulsion ("ethnic cleansing") from Yәrushalayim of every Jew… which included the 15th Nәtzarim Paqid (EH IV.v.1-4) whom the Romans displaced with the first gentile "bishop," Marcus (EH V.xii.1) — the birth of the gentile Roman Church in 135 CE!!!

  4. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius further documented (EH III.xxvii.4-6) that the original Nәtzarim accepted only the Jewish Tana"kh as Bible and only The Netzarim ("their own") Hebrew Matityahu (NHM) as an authentic account of the life and teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua, never accepting the the 2nd-4th century, heavily gentile-redacted (Greek), NT.

  5. Oxford historian James Parkes documented (The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue) how the central misojudaic (Judaic-hating) displacement theology of the original (post-135 C.E.) Church drove the Hellenist Roman Christians to ally with the Hellenist Roman Empire in persecuting the original Nәtzarim ("Nazarenes"). The original Church insisted that the Nәtzarim were "superseded" (displaced) by the Church and, because they defied the Church's rejection ("supercession") of Torah, the Nәtzarim had become enemies of the Church and, therefore, servants of Satan – who should no longer exist. This cooperation between the earliest Christian Church, who were Hellenist Romans, and the Hellenist Roman Empire in the persecution of the Nәtzarim Jews continued until Constantine eradicated the last remnant of the Nәtzarim in 333 CE. Parkes further demonstrated that 4th-century gentile Hellenist – misojudaic – Christianity was the polar antithesis of Judaic Ribi Yәhoshua of Nazareth and his original Judaic Nәtzarim disciples.

Tragically, while many Christians assume the Jews have been blinded and rejected by G-d, I'm a former Baptist preacher who can attest that it is Christians who have been deceived — blinded — by a great apostasy of Satan in 135 C.E. and perpetuated by an astounding willingness to live in ignorance of the historical beginnings of the Christian Church. Any encyclopedia recognized in leading universities (as contrasted with Christian-authored "summaries" that gloss over the apostasy) will provide eye-popping, breath-taking, revelations concerning the birth of Christianity and the Church and how it, and the savior-image it developed, became the arch-opposites of the first century historical Ribi Yәhoshua of Nazareth and his original Nәtzarim disciples.

Perhaps even more tragically, since the Roman Hellenists usurped the 15th Nәtzarim Paqid in 135 C.E., non-Jews have had no opportunity to follow the authentic, historical, Ribi Yәhoshua as Mashiakh. Presented with only the apostate (fourth-century Hellenist-redacted) image — Jesus Christ — Jews have rightly rejected the Christian distortion. For the first time since 135 C.E. (click on the "paqid" link, above), now there is an opportunity for both Jews and non-Jews who wish to follow the authentic, historical, Ribi Yәhoshua as Mashiakh to do so.

The teachings of the Nәtzâr•im′  are based on historical documentation of "historical Jesus" published by many eminent historians of leading universities. Most Christians know that the historical man was a Jew from Nazareth. However, few Christians are aware of the historical record, documented even by the earliest Church historians like Eusebius, that he was known by the name "Ribi Yehoshua" — unmistakably identifying him as a Pharisee and that, as Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT has indisputably proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, all religious Jews in the first century considered Torah, both written and Oral, the core of their religious faith. This shatters many traditional, and strongly held, misconceptions.

Do you find the Hebrew, Torah and Pharisaic (today's Orthodox) Judaism of the Nәtzâr•im′  strange or alien? Consider that, except for the issue of whether Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a is the Mâ•shi′ akh as we believe he is, the Hebrew Tor•âh′  of Pharisaic-Orthodox Judaism of the Nәtzâr•im′  is the same Hebrew Torah of Pharisaic-Orthodox Judaism practiced and taught by all religious Jews in the first century, including Ribi Yehoshua and his original Netzarim followers!!! This same Hebrew Torah of Pharisaic-Orthodox Judaism has been practiced and taught by millions of Pharisaic-Orthodox Jews around the world for millennia, and is still the same Hebrew Torah of Pharisaic-Orthodox Judaism practiced by millions of Orthodox Jews around the world today. The Netzarim are only one subset of the millions of Orthodox Jews in the world. Consider when you find these things alien how you became so alien from the authentic and historical Ribi Yehoshua you claim to follow and want to be like… and ask yourself why, and how, and what should you do about it. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

Follow truth — Scripture — not the traditions and sayings of men.

The only Scripture that Ribi Yehoshua and his original Netzarim (corrupted to 'Nazarene') Jews knew and taught was the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), from which the "Old Testament" (begging the question of displacement) — Original Testament (OT) — was Christianized. All of his teachings were based in the Tanakh and he never taught anything contrary to it. Look up the following examples in any world-recognized encyclopedia:

Historians like James Parkes have shown indisputably that the original Netzarim never acceded to any of these apostasies, continuing the original Torah teachings of Ribi Yehoshua. Unavoidably, the first Christians could only institute these apostasies by first displacing the Netzarim Batei-Din — by definition, Displacement Theology. Examination of the historical record shows that this is exactly what happened.

In 135 C.E., the gentiles (Romans) defeated the Jews and exiled every Jew – including the Netzarim and their 15th Paqid — from Yerushalayim (corrupted to 'Jerusalem'). The conquering gentiles then filled that vacated leadership with the first gentile 'bishop,' giving birth in 135 C.E. to Christianity and the Church, retroactively inventing a previous "history" — that cannot explain their intractable enmity with the original Netzarim. Careful research shows, for example, that there is no documentation whatsoever of popes before 135 C.E. The Netzarim maintain the same Torah teachings today as they did in 135 C.E., the same as Ribi Yehoshua taught, and the same as Mosheh taught at Har Sinai. By the fourth century C.E., however, Christianity represented a 180-degree denial of everything that had gone before, a U-turn from Torah to follow the apostasy of Greco-Roman Hellenist mythology, sun worship and paganism. Every denomination that has sprung from Christianity, including all Protestants, Mormons and all Christian Jews and Christian pseudo-Judaism, is from this seed of apostasy.

Follow the authentic, historical, 1st-century Jew from Nazareth, Ribi Yәhoshua the Mashiakh — not his 4th-century Roman-redacted antithesis. The earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius, documented how, in 135 CE, Roman Hellenists ousted the Jews from Yәrushalayim and usurped the 15th Jewish successor to the 1st Nәtzarim Paqid, Ya·aqov (brother of Ribi Yәhoshua), then Hellenized the teachings of the original Nәtzarim Jews into the gentile Christian Church in Rome. The pope is another successor to a long line of usurpers of the Nәtzarim Paqid.

Nәtzarim 'Historical Ribi Yәhoshua' rallies and seminar-series for Christian groups are coming exclusively to Israel (English only — Yәshayahu 28.10-11). Arrangements for seminar-series, facilities and materials must often be made several months in advance. Since we deal with people coming from many very different religious backgrounds, we need to know a bit about where you're coming from in order to relate to you and your group. Accordingly, arrangements may be facilitated through the 'General Comments' blank in our survey (click on 'Surveys & Visas' office).

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