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Citadel Ruins, Yapho (Yafo or Jaffa) Gate, Yerushalayim
Courtyard of Herod's 1st-century C.E. Citadel, built atop the ruins of the Wall, built ca. B.C.E. 716, by Khi•zᵊqi•yâh ha-Mëlëkh after the Deportation of the Ten Tribes (B.C.E. 722). Herod's Citadel forms the modern Shaar ha-Yâpho in Yᵊru•shâ•layim.
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Visit each study room in the menu-panel at top, beginning on the first floor (1st century C.E. information) starting at the left (Overview) and visiting rooms on both sides of the hall. Then proceed to the second floor (2nd century C.E.) and, finally, the third floor (3rd century C.E. to present).

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