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A•mâ•leiq; the archenemy of Israel and personification of Sâ•tân (Dᵊvâr•im 25.17ff); grandson of "born Jew" Ei•sau (patriarch of the Εd•om•im).

Ei•sau-Εd•om – culminating in his grandson, A•mâ•leiq – was the precedent "born-Jew" excised from the family for rejecting the family religion and laws (the archetype that would continue developing into Twelve Tribal laws and culminate, at Har Sin•ai, in Tor•âh). Thus, A•mâ•leiq (Ei•sau-Εd•om) is the prototype of atheist and secular "born Jews" who have relinquished Tor•âh (and refuse to make tᵊshuv•âh).

A•mâ•leiq became clan-patriarch of the ancient archenemy of Israel, pervading Εd•om and located in what is today's Israeli Nëgëv and west-central Jordan, south of Yâm ha-Mëlakh, in the regions of Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq ("Amalekites") and "Εd•om" (see map).

Contrary to English translations and superficial (often misojudaic) interpretations that contradict the account of a later incident with the A•mâ•leiq•im (Di•vᵊrei-ha-Yâm•im Âlëph 4.42-43; discussed below), the account in Shᵊmu•eil Âlëph 15.7-8, although describing a complete vanquishing ( ) by military victory ( -) under Shâ•ul ha-Mëlëkh (B.C.E. 1045 – see my Chronology of the Tanakh, from the "Big " Live-Link), does not imply a "complete" killing, or genocide, of every Bën-A•mâ•leiq.

In the later story (Di•vᵊrei-ha-Yâm•im Âlëph 4.42-43), documenting remaining Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq in the time of Khi•zᵊqi•yâhu (ca. B.C.E. 716, ibid.), a remnant of Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq were located on Har Sei•ir. Some English translations imply that the Bᵊn•ei-Shim•on killed the remaining Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq who had escaped." However, a more careful reading shows that, even less severe than before, the Bᵊn•ei-Shim•on merely "," not killed or eradicated, the remnant of Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq.

Further, in Ës•teir, the arch villain, Hâ•mân, is identified as an Agâgite, descended from royalty, relatives of Agâg (alternately "Agog" or "Gog"; bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar 24.7 & Shᵊmu•eil Âlëph 15; one of which was a Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq king, killed and left childless by Shᵊmu•eil).

A remnant of A•mâ•leiq continued to survive. The prophecy of "Gog and Magog" may well refer to Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq. Being a tribe of the Εd•om•imꞋ , they melted into them. Subsequently, Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq have been subsumed by the Εd•om•imꞋ .

A•mâ•leiq – 30 C.E.

One of the most prominent personalities of the 1st century C.E., "King Herod" Antipas, cited in the "New Testament" as taking over the case of Ribi Yᵊho•shua (from the civil administrator, Pilate), was an Εd•om•i-Bën-A•mâ•leiq – Hellenized, then Anglicized, to "Idumaean" (Josephus, Antiquities xiv.xv.2).

"King Herod" Antipas was born in Εd•om (Idumea), land of A•mâ•leiq. Successor to his father, King Herod the Great – who was the son of Antipater I the Εd•om•i / Bën-A•mâ•leiq (Hellenized and Anglicized to "Idumaean"), Herod Antipas likewise considered himself "King of the Jews."

"King of the Jews" Herod Antipas, seeing himself as the rightful (Εd•om•i and contemporary A•mâ•leiq) heir to his father's throne as "King of the Jews," intervened in the trial of the Jew he perceived to threaten his kingship – the Pharisee Ribi Yᵊho•shua – of the Royal Beit-Dâ•wid, accused by the rival (Hellenist) Sadducee High Priest, Kaiaphas, as claiming to be "King of the Jews."

Who Killed Ribi Yᵊho•shua?

"King" (Tetrarch) Herod-Antipas—the Εd•omite-A•mâ•leiqite—preempted the Governor (civil administrator or prefect), Pilate, who then washed his hands of the matter. King Herod Antipas was the Roman authority who ordered that Ribi Yᵊho•shua, the Mâ•shiakh be killed – posting a plaque above his head publicizing the offense, its consequence and its (apparent) end: "King of the Jews."

This answers, with finality, the age-old blood libel against the Jews: "Who killed Ribi Yᵊho•shua the Mâ•shiakh?" The answer: A•mâ•leiq (symbol of expulsion from Yi•sᵊ•râ•eil and personification of evil for abandoning Tor•âh)!!!

Remnant of A•mâ•leiq: 135 C.E. To Today

In 135 C.E., the Romans expelled Yᵊhud•im from Yᵊru•shâ•layim and, to a large extent, from all of the Holy Land (a mission subsequently undertaken by the successor Christian Church and still later by Muslims). The vacuum left by the fleeing Yᵊhud•im was subsequently settled by the neighboring Arabs – Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq (cum Εd•om•imꞋ ) as squatters, who continued to squat on—occupy—the Holy Land until 1948.

No less interestingly, until 1948, "Palestinians" referred to Jews, not Arabs! Arabs claimed that there was only one pan-Arab Nation, which included all Arabs. The Jewish Israeli newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, was founded as "The Palestinian Post" and changed its name to The Jerusalem Post only in 1950! It wasn't until 1968.07 that the Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq arrogated the term "Palestinian"!

The Arabs who killed Ribi Yᵊho•shua, squatted in the Holy Land for nearly two millennia, are presently occupying parts of Israel and killing Israeli Jews are Bᵊn•ei-A•mâ•leiq.

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