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fem. n. Hi•lūl•â .,Hilula(Aramaic); Hebrew , pl. , which derives from —i.e. the .

Biblical: 7-Day Wine-Fest Banquet Preceding 8th-Day
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This ta•vᵊn•it traces back to both of Ya•a•qōv (Leiâhs celebration week and Râ•kheils celebration week).

Hi•lūl•â is further instantiated in the 7-day of both the Pᵊli•shᵊt•in for Shi•mᵊshōn and the Kᵊna•an•im of Shᵊkhëm, who, like the Egyptians and other peoples of the ancient Middle East, idolatrously believed they were actualizing spiritual (merger with) their god(s).

Each night of the , the bᵊrâkh•âh of the (aka the ) corresponding to that evening is repeat­ed.

Mi•lū•im Mōsh•ëh Adapts 7-Day Hi•lūl•â To Commission Kō•han•im

Mōsh•ëh clearly adapted the universal ancient Middle East ta•vᵊn•it of , i.e. Hi•lūl•â (implying an 8th-day ), when he designed the 7-days of wine-fest banqueting for commissioning Kō•han•im.

Mi•lū•im also culminated in an 8th day spiritual communion with ‑‑ . (Consider, too, parallels with 8th-day Bᵊrit Mil•âh and Suk•ōt.)

As Mōsh•ëh corresponded the commissioning ceremony of Kō•han•im to a spiritual , the antecedent spiritual ei•rūs•in must, a priori, have been the earlier personal undertaking of Tōr•âh, i.e. Bar-Mi•tzᵊwâh.

‑‑ Signals Future Mâ•shiakh

Tōr•âh are preceded by concomitant antecedent ei•rūs•in. This theme of a spiritual , therefore, presupposes that its the manifest fulfillment of an antecedent spiritual ei•rūs•in—confirmed by Hō•sheia. This further implies a corresponding spiritual a•rūs•âh (since the same Groom is, in both cases, ‑‑). The best-fit analogy to Ta•na"kh prophecies of two appearances (ei•rūs•in and ) communing with ‑‑ are the two prophesied appearances of the Mâ•shiakh (Mâ•shiakh Bën-Yō•seiph and Mâ•shiakh Bën-Dâ•wid)!

Spiritual Corroborated In The Biblical Calendar

The spiritual cum Mi•lū•im were declared to be confirmed the following, 8th, day: ‑‑ .

This duo of promised appearances suggests that the first annual Khag, ha-Matz•ōt of 7 days, parallels the ei•rūs•in (a spiritual Yᵊtzi•âh via explicating Ta•na"kh principles), i.e. Mâ•shiakh Bën-Yō•seiph, while the last annual Khag, Sūk•ōt with a spiritual 8th day, parallels the, spiritual (global-Israel internalizing Ta•na"kh principles), i.e. Mâ•shiakh Bën-Dâ•wid!!!

Extinction of Ta•na"kh-Qualified Kō•han•im Orthodox Reform Reverses Sequence

When the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh ha-Shein•i was destroyed in 70 CE, presumably the Mi•lū•im of kō•han•im continued, anticipating an eventual rebuilding. When the Romans destroyed the yō•khas•in, however, Ta•na"kh-authentic kō•han•im became extinct according to Talmudic Law! (Todays kō•han•im are ceremonial only.)

Absent any remaining Ta•na"kh-authentic kō•han•im, celebration of a spiritual to ‑‑ was retrospectively applied, by (modern) Qabâlist Kha•sid•im Jews in recent centuries, to the transcending of their nᵊphâsh•ōt at death.

Accordingly, their interpretation required associated reforms. While ei•rūs•in remained the antecedent, realized in the personal embracing of Tōr•âh as ones life practice, thereby corresponding to Bar-Mi•tzᵊwâh (or conversion), the Qabbalist spiritual to ‑‑ was initiated by a death (spiritual of the nëphësh). This necessarily meant that the Hi•lūl•â (7-days of wine-fests) could only follow the spiritual . Thus, the 7-days culminating in an 8th-day sequence was reversed. Today, the 7-days of follow the . See also L"g la-Ōmër.

Tōr•âh Khaj•im Mirror Tōr•âh Life Cycle

Transferral of the spiritual to ‑‑ (from the commissioning of kō•han•im to the transcending of the nëphësh) sets up parallels between the three primary Life Cycle events in the Tōr•âh and the 3 Annual Khaj•im:

Primary Life Events3 Annual Khaj•im
(7 days of suckling followed by 8th day) Bᵊrit Mil•âh7-day Khag ha-Matz•ōt (which includes Pësakh)
Bar-Mi•tzᵊwâh (combined with above in conversion) Khag ha-Shâvū•ōt (Yo•veil Day appended to above)
Hi•lūl•â anticipation of a spiritual with ‑‑7-day Khag of Suk•ōt followed by the 8th Day A•tzërët (Hi•lūl•â)
Modern Rabbinic Usage

Among Medieval Qabâlist mystics, the meaning of Hi•lūl•â narrowed to its primary usage today: a meto­nym for the death of a Khâ•sid. Thus, to most Jews of today, the Biblical meaning of as a week-long series of pre- wine-fests has been lost in the mists of Biblical antiquity.
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