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Millennia Of Documented Historical Rabbinic Assimilations

Don't Follow The Consensus In Doing Wrong (Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 23.2)

All of the following are documented strayings from Ta•na"khꞋ—which persist in "Orthodox" rabbinic Judaism today.

  1. 3155 (3760-0605)ca. B.C.E. 605 Babylonian month names displace Biblical month numbers (like days of week numbers)

  2. 3155 (3760-0605)ca. B.C.E. 605 Babylonian: Superseded Firstmonth New Year with Seventhmonth Ma•rᵊdukh's birthday for Rōsh ha-Shãn•ãhꞋ

  3. 3585 (3760-0175)ca. B.C.E. 175 aphꞋi•kōmꞋon

  4. 3585 (3760-0175)ca. B.C.E. 175 ka•rᵊpasꞋ (properly Æ•zōvꞋ)

  5. 3585 (3760-0175)ca. B.C.E. 175 Sanhedrin

  6. 3585 (3760-0175)ca. B.C.E. 175 synagogue

  7. 3585 (3760-0175)ca. B.C.E. 175 Roman practice of reclining while eating or drinking (see any Orthodox PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër ).

  8. 3591 (3760-0169)ca. B.C.E. 169 According to Ta•lᵊmūdꞋ Yᵊrū•sha•lᵊm•iꞋ ("Rōsh ha-Shãn•ãhꞋ" 18b), the prohibition against pronouncing "the Name" was imposed by Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής  in collusion with Yᵊhō•shūꞋa Bën-Shim•ōnꞋ-Jr., Bën-Tzã•dōqꞋ, the Hellenist Kō•heinꞋ ha-Jã•dōlꞋ (aka the "Kō•heinꞋ ha-RëshꞋa"). From the beginning, Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and his descendants, including Mōsh•ëhꞋ Pᵊqid•einꞋū at Har Sin•aiꞋ, prohibited only desecrating the Name, pronouncing Proto-Sinaitic hei, for haleil (English: praise-prayProto-Sinaitic wawProto-Sinaitic hei, for haleil (English: praise-prayProto-Sinaitic yod (English: arm reaching-out) (later Middle-Semitic Middle-Semitic heiMiddle-Semitic wawMiddle-Semitic heiMiddle-Semitic yod, now Modern יהוה) aloud, copiously documented by Dã•widꞋ ha-MëlꞋëkh (Tᵊhil•imꞋ) and the Nᵊviy•imꞋ in praise, prayer, instruction, warnings and sworn testimony for almost 2 millennia. This original practice ended in BCE 169—portentously on Sha•bãtꞋ coinciding with, and preceding the observance of Tzōm JᵊdalᵊyãhꞋ, when Hellenist Syrian Satrap Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής  decreed  his prohibition, upon pain of death, on the 3rdday of 7thmonth BCE 169 = 3593 on the Hebrew calendar (on the solar calendar, the 18thday of 9thmonth BCE 169 ). This joint prohibition forbade uttering aloud (invoking, pronouncing) the Name of any non-Hellenist god. Half a milennium later, the rabbis whitewashed the prohibition, internalizing (assimilating) it as their own from "Mosheh Rabeinu"—despite no Rabbi ever existing until more than 30 years after this contra-Tōr•ãhꞋ foreign edict, endorsed by the "Kō•heinꞋ ha-RëshꞋa", then internalized (assimilated) by the rabbis! (See entry below for BCE 135).

  9. 3625 (3760-0135)ca. BCE 135. No rabbi existed prior to the secession of the Pᵊrush•imꞋ faction of the Biblical Kha•sid•imꞋ from the Hellenized Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ faction of the Biblical Kha•sid•imꞋ in BCE 135. "The more ancient generations, … which were far superior, had no such titles… The title 'Rabbi,' too, came into vogue among those who received the laying on of hands [sᵊmikh•ãhꞋ] at this period."

  10. 3730 (3760-0030)ca. 30 C.E. Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ colluded with the Hellenist Roman rulers as a Hellenist bloc to execute the anti-Hellenist (anti-Roman, anti-Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ) Pᵊrush•iꞋ firebrand, RibꞋi Yᵊhō•shūꞋa—who, along with his follower Pᵊrush•imꞋ Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ, were defended from the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ and Hellenist Roman bloc by the grandson of the Pᵊrush•imꞋ RabꞋi Hi•leilꞋ ha-Za•qeinꞋ, the Pᵊrush•imꞋ Nã•siꞋ of the Beit Din -Gã•dōlꞋ, Rab•ãnꞋ Ga•mᵊl•i•eilꞋ ha-Za•qeinꞋ

    Between 60-135 CE, the Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ fled as refugees to European Roman Empire. Descendants of these European Tzᵊdoq•imꞋ refugees continue their persecution of the "secular" (common) Jews and have resumed their conciliation with the Roman Catholic Pope today.

  11. 3895 (3760-0135)ca. 135 C.E. reformed design of ta•litꞋ from post-Egyptian mi•tzᵊnëphꞋët, worn under the tō•tëphꞋët, having assimilated a foreign "prayer shawl".

  12. 3895 (3760-0135)ca. 135 C.E. Reformed design of tᵊphil•inꞋ—as demonstrated by hard evidence of the Bar-KōkhꞋvã tᵊphil•inꞋ

  13. 3895 (3760-0135)ca. 135 C.E. Roman days of week displace Hebrew day numbers (may date back further, to Babylon)

  14. 3895 (3760-0135)post-ca. 135 C.E. Hellenist Romans, or later Hellenist European Christians, impose "dunce" cap on previously bareheaded Jews. (Contrast with ancient depictions of Israelis in all Biblical-era wall inscriptions; only royalty and kō•han•imꞋ wore head gear—see photos in "more" file at kip•ãhꞋ; later assimilated and internalized by Orthodox reform as kip•ãhꞋ.)

  15. 4110 (350 C.E.)350 C.E. Emperor Constantine, of the Hellenist Roman Catholic Christian Church, imposes monogamy in the Roman Empire (including Jews living in the Roman Empire). 6½ centuries later, Roman Empire legacy European (not Middle Eastern) French rabbi Gershom (if he was such a luminary his son wouldn't have converted to Christianity!), in the greatest single assimilation-apostasy in history, contradicted and overturned the 3 millennia tradition enduring in Judaic tradition from the very origin, Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and Mōsh•ëhꞋ, to 1000 C.E., that "Tōr•ãhꞋ determines custom", apostatizing to "custom overrides Tōr•ãhꞋ"—assimilating (internalizing) Roman Christian law that monogamy was thenceforth "halacha".

  16. 4260 (3760+0500)ca. 500 C.E. the ët•rogꞋ is first introduced to Jews—in Europe and the Holy Land. (The original "goodly fruit" was almost certainly the indigenous Levant pomegranate of the "Seven Species".)

  17. 5060 (3760+1300)13th Century (c 1240–1305) C.E. Spanish occult rabbi "Shem Tov" de Leon, fakes a supernatural (Apostle Paul-like) epiphany from 2nd century C.E. Rab•ãnꞋ Shi•mᵊōnꞋ Bar Yō•khaiꞋ (Rashb"i) to conjure and write his own mystical pseudo-bible: The ZōꞋhar—which, Jewish Virtual Library acknowledges, according to nearly all modern Jewish and non-Jewish scholars, "Shem Tov" fabricated himself.

  18. ca. 1289–1382 — Earliest documentation (earliest extant ms. of Ta•lᵊmūdꞋ Yᵊrū•sha•lᵊm•iꞋ and Ta•lᵊmūdꞋ Bã•vᵊl•iꞋ, respectively) of rabbinic introduction of prohibiting the pronouncing of the יְהוָׂה.
  19. 5560 (3760-1800)ca. 1800 C.E. — Like a "Khanukah Bush" is repurposed to commemorate KhaꞋnūkh•ãh, the Orthodox competed with Christianity by repurposing the Easter egg by a reform to commemorate the (goat-kid or lamb) "Pilgrim Offering". Roll eyes

  20. 5560 (3760-1800)ca. 1800 C.E. kha•zërꞋët (horseradish) and onion displaced mã•rōrꞋ on the PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër plate

  21. 5560 (3760-1800)ca. 1800 C.E. 4 Questions of the PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër (strayed from Mi•shᵊn•ãhꞋ Pës•akh•im 116a (10.4)

  22. 5560 (3760-1800)ca. 1800 C.E. celery or lettuce displaces eiz•ōvꞋ on the PësꞋakh SeiꞋdër plate

  23. 5560 (3760-1800)ca. 1800 C.E. European Xmas bread displaced khal•ãhꞋ on Sha•bãtꞋ

  24. 5560 (3760+1800)ca. 1800 C.E. Items on SeiꞋdër plate unrecognizable: salt water instead of red wine vinegar, Easter egg, onion, kha•zërꞋët (horseradish), parsley, lettuce & celery

  25. Kotel,Western,WailingToday's Orthodox "Zionists" stake their claim of exclusive and absolute authority over the Kō•tëlꞋ (Western Wall), solely on modern, 20th CE (post-1920s CE), Jewish attempts to pray in the public street, which, even in Biblical times, had never been more than merely a public street running along the outside perimeter of Har ha-BaꞋyit; while gentiles were permitted onto Har ha-BaꞋyit itself to within 7.5 meters of the Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdãshꞋ itself!

    Overwriting legitimate pre-1920s Israell & Biblical history is a self-destructing, catastrophic fabrication—reform that leaves "Palestinian" Arabs with an older pre-1920s legacy in the Levant than Jews!!! Since most Ultra-Orthodox kha•reid•imꞋ are anti-Zionists insisting that Israel cannot be legitimate until their "messiah" comes and establishes it, any objective person must wonder about their agenda.

    To have any legitimate claim to history at all, one must reconcile with legitimate history en toto, the bitter as well as the sweet. But neither Israel nor Christians have yet reconciled with the legitimate and clearly documented historical distinction between the (pre-Christian, never Christian) Pᵊrūsh•iꞋ RibꞋi Yᵊhō•shūꞋa who died c30CE from the Hellenist Ζεύς-compatible Roman Christian "Jesus"-epiphany of the Hellenist Turk, The Apostate Paul, who founded the Christian Church based on his own Hellenist "epiphany", first  in Turkey and then Rome and wrote his version, the Καινής Διαθήκης, some 60 years after the death of the historical Pᵊrūsh•iꞋ of Beit Hi•leilꞋ—whom The Apostate Paul had never met, and whose Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ Jewish followers had excised The Apostate Paul!

    Dismissing pre-1920s Biblical history, an overwhelming and continuing flood of Israeli news media reports document how Orthodox "Zionists" have imposed this falsely-claimed right to persecute, torment, curse and assault non-Orthodox Jews (particularly Conservative and Reform), not merely to drive them away from the Kō•tëlꞋ, but to discredit, disenfranchise and persecute non-Ultra-Orthodox Jews—world Jewry—everywhere. (The Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•imꞋ sense of entitlement even stoops to calling little Orthodox (!) schoolgirls whores (shiqtzot) 

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