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Updated: 2017.11.06

"Rabbi" – All cases in which historical sources are pronounced, or rendered in English, as "Rabbi" for unvoweled in Ta•lᵊmud reflect European-assimilated Ash•kᵊnazim and Sᵊphâ•râd•im tradition first vowelized in 1964 – CE, the year Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

The most preeminent Judaic historians agree that the most pristine Judaic tradition from Mōsh•ëh at Har Sin•ai is that of the Tei•mân•im, who have always pronounced the title of for personalities in Ta•lᵊmud as (i.e. ) — for which see Ribi.

"Since the title [] was accorded only to those who had been properly ordained [granted sᵊmikh•âh], and such [sᵊmikh•âh] was not granted in talmudic times outside Ërëtz Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, it was not borne by the Babylonian sages (the Âmor•âyim) who adopted, or were granted, the alternative title of Rav. In the Ta•lᵊmud, therefore, the title [, misrendered "Rabi"] refers either to a Tan•â or to [an Âmor•âyim of Yᵊhūdâh], while Rav refers to a Babylonian-assimilated Âmor•âyim [of the Exile-Diaspora]." 

"It was only during the Tanaitic period, in the generation after [] Hi•leil, that [] was employed as a title for the sages. The passage in the New Testament (Matt. 23:7) in which the Scribes and Pharisees are criticized because they 'love… to be called of men, ῥαββί, ῥαββί' probably reflects the fact of its recent introduction"  (and subsequent pronunciation among Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im as "Rabbi").

There are no earlier extant papyri witnesses of Mt. 23.7. Contrary to this timeline anachronistically suggested in the Ency. Jud., the earliest extant mss. of Mt. 23.7, and, therefore, the earliest attestation of the title ῥαββί that is found in the Καινής Διαθήκης. The Christian Καινής Διαθήκης reflects 4th century CE language of Hellenist gentile Roman-occupier Christians – not 1st or 2nd century CE language of anti-Hellenist Yᵊhūdâh Pᵊrush•im.

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