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Updated: 2013.10.11

Shᵊma!; Hearken! Hear! (To decode the meaning of the two enlarged letters in the , see Dërëkh, "The Way.")

Non-Jews who have any familiarity with Judaism—and too many Jews—have the misconception that the is (only) Dᵊvâr•im 6.4.

In fact, not even the three passages from written fully cover the recitation of the 'Shᵊma'.

The recitation of begins with the tᵊphil•âh that introduces the in the si•dur, , and continues through

Particularly salient to the self-orientation and Displacement Theology of today's western culture are two concepts inherent in the

Reciting the is a verbal commitment to all of these principles.

By at least as early as the second century C.E., the comprised three portions of Tor•âh, in the following order, each prefaced by the introductory bᵊrâkh•âh (or two) and concluded with another bᵊrâkh•âh (or two):

  1. Introductory bᵊrâkh•âh

    1. Sha•khar•it (2)

      1. (yo•tzeir ha-mᵊ•or•ot; Molder/former of the illuminators, luminaries)—No•sakh Tei•mân

      2. (A•hav•at O•lâm; love of the world-age)… —No•sakh Tei•mân

    2. Arᵊv•it (2)

      1. (ha-Ma•a•riv A•râv•im; causes the evening to become evening).

      2. (A•hav•at O•lâm; love of the world-age)…

  2. Dᵊvâr•im 6.4-9

  3. Dᵊvâr•im 11.13-21

  4. bᵊ-Mid•bar 15.37-41

  5. Concluding bᵊrâkh•âh

    1. Sha•khar•it (1)— (Ë•mët wᵊ-ya•tziv; True and reliable/stable) is…

    2. Arᵊv•it (2)

      1. (Ë•mët wᵊ-Ë•mun•âh; true and trustworthy/faithful) is…

      2. (Ha•shᵊkiv•einu; cause us to lie down)…

The earliest extant texts of the are from the tᵊphil•in of Bar-Kokh's soldiers, found near Qum•rân. The most complete of these tᵊphil•in scrolls discovered was found to contain a fourth passage: Dᵊvâr•im 5.1-21—the A•sërët ha-Di•bᵊr•ot.

This find provides physical evidence that, up until 135 C.E., the included this passage containing the A•sërët ha-Di•bᵊr•ot.

The rabbis eliminated this from both tᵊphil•in and recitation of the to distance Judaism from Christianity that was claiming that only the A•sërꞋ ?;ët ha-Di•bᵊr•ot remained valid.

While the Christians were wrong, diminishing from established Ha•lâkh•âh by eliminating the A•sërët ha-Di•bᵊr•ot is prohibited by Tor•âh shë-bikh•tâv (Dᵊvâr•im 13.1) and, therefore, isn't valid Ha•lâkh•âh.

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