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[Updated: 2021.01.24]

fem. n. Bâ•rayᵊtâבריתא,Baraita (Aramaic), external, foreign, not belonging, extra-…, (pl. בָּרַיְתוֹת), an abbreviation of מַתְנִיתָא בָּרַיְתָא, Hebrew מִשְׁנָה חִיצוֹנָה; i.e. Extra-Mi•shᵊn•âh — an excerpt from a Proto-Mi•shᵊn•âh proceeding of the Συνέδριον during the period of the Zūgōt documenting opposing—Tzᵊdōq•im—arguments that were excluded from the compilation of the Pᵊrush•i Mi•shᵊn•âh by the Pᵊrush•i Ta•nâ, Yᵊhūdâh ha-Nâ•si, scion of Beit-Dâ•wid.

A priori, a Bâ•rayᵊtâ implies an Ōs•in-Tzᵊdōq•im argument from the proceedings of the Συνέδριον during the period of the Zūgōt. Thus, the Bâ•ra•yᵊt•ōt and Mi•shᵊn•âh comprise complementary twin taproots of both the Ta•lᵊmūd Yᵊrū•sha•lᵊm•i (compiled c 400 CE) and Ta•lᵊmūd Bâ•vᵊl•i (compiled c 500 CE)!

There are two classes of Bâ•ra•yᵊt•ōt:

  1. Tō•sëphᵊtâ (Extra-Mi•shᵊn•âh Bâ•ra•yᵊt•ōt associated with the 6 Sei•dër•im/​60 Ma•sëkhōt of Mi•shᵊn•âh) and

  2. all other Bâ•ra•yᵊt•ōt.

A fortiori, by c. 500 C.E., centuries after the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•im had fled the destructions of 70-135 C.E. and gone underground in the European boondocks of the Hellenist Roman Empire, they had already long been irrelevant during the period that the Pᵊrush•im compiled their Ta•lᵊmūd Bâ•vᵊl•i. Thus, the Pᵊrush•im were free to meticulously credit their own particular Pᵊrush•i rabbi or Beit Mi•dᵊrâsh by name. When citing a Tzᵊdoq•i tradition from the proceedings of the Συνέδριον, by contrast, the Pᵊrush•im "blotted out" the connection to Tzᵊdōq•im heritage by misattributing credit from the Ōs•in-Tzᵊdōq•im or their Χειρόγραφον τοῖς Δόγμασιν. Instead, the Pᵊrush•im of the 5th century C.E. Ta•lᵊmūd Bâ•vᵊl•i introduced a Bâray•tâ by misattributing the dissenting argument to anonymous "Our Rabbis"—thus rewriting history to "blot out" every vestige of non-rabbinic heritage from the annals of thenceforth "All-Rabbinic" tradition.

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