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Updated: 2019.03.03

Why The Eighth Day?

The significance of the Eighth Day, like the first epoch-day after the 7 epoch-days completing creation, is evident in the focus shares with Suk•ōt, Mi•lū•im and Hi•lūl•â.

In the case of , this implies 7 days of suckling-completion, culminating in an 8th day spiritual ei•rūs•in—the . We may then think of ones lifetime as 49 days (years) culminating in a spiritual Khag ha-Shâvū•ōt of enlightenment, later concluded by a Suk•ōt Hi•lūl•â.

Rabbinically Admittedly Incomprehensible

The is one of several Ta•na"kh concepts, along with

  1. the and

  2. the kâ•shᵊr•ūt of separating khâ•lâv and bâ•sâr (see geir).

that Orthodox rabbis have declared beyond rabbinic comprehension. Their indispensable meanings, lost during the Dark Ages, have never been known — until ‑‑ endorsed my work by showing me, thus making me the first in modern history to understand and explain them—as part of the process of restoring the Nᵊtzâr•im.

Tuning The Bell – Ta•vᵊn•it For Attenuating Yi•sᵊr•â•eil (Nation-State) To ‑‑
bell tuning
How is the mathematically equivalent to tuning the bell (BBC vid)"? (click BBC link & adjacent "more" icon)

Several weeks ago, I mostly ignored part of a TV "how do they?" documentary on casting bells; thinking I'd have no use for info on bells, which are predominantly of interest to Christians and other superstitious idolaters. Surprise. I'm always amazed at how timely "coincidental" ‑‑ shows me things. Turns out, the tuning of the bell (as you should have seen in the BBC video link) is a helpful mathematical parallel to the , with the excess metal trimmings, pruned from tuning the bell, paralleling the pruning of the ârᵊl•âh as tuning Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil.

bell curve
bell curve

The bell curve well describes categories of people, including categories of the world Jewish community, i.e. Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil. Contrary to the claims of the extremist Kha•reid•im (ultra-Orthodox), the centerpoint, 0, represents the pinnacles of the world's Jews, who are zero distance from the Ideal, i.e. Tōr•âh, around whom most of the world Jews gravitate. Let the leftmost (-3) σ represent the most extreme anti-religious Jews while the rightmost (+3) σ represents the most radical Kha•reid•im (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, worldwide.

The ârᵊl•âh, requiring pruning as symbolized by the , is then defined as both extremes – radicals, fanatics – as an equal fraction of each outer σ!

3-D bell curve

When a bell curve is expressed in 3 dimensions, it becomes a 3-D bell. The mathematical likeness to trimming a bell is then apparent.

Thus, the seems to be a perfect mnemonic meme for keeping before our eyes in every generation the command to tune Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil; trimming away (i.e. curbing) excess extremists and fanatics (not those in the middle, who are closest to Tōr•âh!!!) just as excess trimmings are removed in tuning a bell!

There are a couple of nuances particular to the physical vital to be noted.

  1. The penis of a male Jewish infant is universally recognized to represent a new generation of Israel. The heil trims only the foreskin in excess of the male corona—which parallels Israel's legitimately-spiritual crown—of the penis (i.e. each generation). The base of the penis, opposite the corona (i.e. opposite the "religious" hagiarchy), isn't touched. This unmistakably illustrates that exceeding reality-connected heights (i.e. leaving behind contact with reality into a delusional world) of "religiosity" creates an excess "religious" strata of superfluity, a prepuce (foreskin) that must be excised in every generation just like an infant male Jew. Today's Israel has failed to do this for many generations, and the prepuce has enlarged over many generations to dwarf the legitimate generation (i.e. the penis) itself.

  2. An integral lesson, ignored by Jewish "Orthodoxy" today, is that the prepuce of an infant Jew is innate. It is not any product, influence or malignancy of a foreign baby! It is Israel's own, innate, intrinsic, integral tendency to "religious" excess that must be excised in every generation, not, in any way, shape, form or influence a foreign import introduced by "converts" (see geir•im)!!! This innately Jewish prepuce (foreskin) excess (superstitious "religious" radicalism, which constitutes idolatry) grows from within Israel in every generation, and, Tōr•âh requires, must be excised in every generation!

That is the lesson raison d'être of the .This is a generational requirement within Israel, not in any way related to "converts" (see geir•im). Each generation must perform on the third generation (grandchildren). It is the who firmly holds the infant's legs for the procedure.

Yes, the removal of the ârᵊl•âh is painful, even bloody, but required nevertheless.

Similarly, if the heil prunes carelessly or excessively, it may wrongly exterminate an entire genetic line.

Most importantly, any mistake in tuning Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil results in an out-of-tune people emanating sour, disastrous and catastrophic, notes! The most glaring example is the process already well underway, driven by the rightmost σ (the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im 8%), to disenfranchise (dis-"recognize"), cut-off and orphan the 92%, main body, of world Jews who reject Ultra-Orthodox views (see The Israeli-Diaspora Divide No One Dares Look At and what Tōr•âh declares about orphans/​geir•im). There is no more sour and catastrophic note than that!

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