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Palm Sungodday

9th-Century Innovation

Perverts Khag ha-Suk•ot (of Autumn) into a Pre- Easter (Spring) Tradition

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"In the three oldest Roman Sacramentaries no mention is found of either the benediction of the palms or the procession. The earliest notice is in the "Gregorianum" used in France in the ninth and tenth centuries [C.E.]." (Catholic Encyclopedia).

"From the cry of the people during the procession the day has received the name Dominica Hosanna or simply Hosanna (Ozanna)." (ibid.). This is additional and certain evidence that Christians arrogated and perverted the palm procession of Hoshana Rabah ("The Great Hosanna"; see our Judaic Calendar page)—the Seventh Day of Khag ha-Suk•ot for their Easter festival. Thus, the practice deliberately perverts Tor•âh.

"Do not do like the practice of the land… in which you dwelled, and do not do like the practice of the land… to which I bring you, and do not walk in their traditions. Do My mi•shᵊpât•im and watchguard My khuq•im to walk in them." (wa-Yi•qᵊr•â 18.3).

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