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Cardo (post-135 C.E. Roman street) of Hadrian's Hellenist Aelia Capitolina
Cardo (post-135 C.E. Roman street) of Hadrian's Hellenist Aelia Capitolina. Photograph © 1983 Yirmᵊyahu Ben-David.
Sukah 15 (Hut, Booth or Exhibit #15)
Post-4th Century CE
Ash Odin's-dayNew Year's (St. Silvester's)
Christmas, NavidadPalm Sun(god)-day
EasterSt. Patrick's Day
Good Frigg-daySt. Valentine's Day
Halloween Sun(god)day
The "Fourth Beast" of Dân•iy•eil
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(Dân•iy•eil 7.25)

(Translation: And speakings, as a peer of the Most High shall it speak, and the qᵊdosh•im of the ma•lâkh•im shall it eradicate; and it shall posit to change the appointed-times and religious-practice, they shall self-perpetuate themselves by its hand, until an era, and eras and part of an era.)

Rainbow Rule

Our papers devoted to teach of these topics and our introductory book, Who Are the Netzarim? (WAN), provide indisputable documentation showing that even Christian historians have acknowledged that Christmas (the birthday of Mithra the sun god), Easter (spring festival for Ishtar, also known as Ashtoret), the change from to Sun(god)day and the like weren't redacted and syncretized into Christianity until several centuries after the death of Ribi Yᵊho•shua!!! (You can also corroborate this information in any good encyclopedia.)

Rainbow Rule © 1996-present by Paqid Yirmeyahu Ben-David,
Rainbow Rule
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