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Yi•shᵊm•â•eil; ישמעאל,YishmaeilEil will hearken, Hellenized to 'Ishmael'; older brother of Yi•tzᵊkhâq, born c. BCE 1993.

Yi•shᵊmᵊeil•im Trade Route

Yi•shᵊm•â•eil dwelled bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar, i.e. Pâ•rân, where he became an archer. This, combined with his departure from the family and ranch in Khë•vᵊr•ōn, suggest that he likely migrated to nearby Ta-seti.

Click to enlargeYi•shᵊmᵊeil•im "Inner Ridge" Trade Route from their homeland of Gilᵊâd (note: not Khë•vᵊr•ōn, which they merely caravanned through!) south to the Nëgëv & the Sin•ai

"Archer Country" was the HQ of Egypt's elite, Chariot-Archers Cavalry during the period that his contemporary Par•ōh, Mentu-hotep 3, was continuing his predecessors' cam­paigns to subdue, and extract the gold of, Kha•vil•âh in the south while simul­ta­ne­ous­ly establishing diplomatic relations and trading routes as far north as Kᵊna•an—i.e. Gilᵊâd.

The nomadic Yi•shᵊmᵊeil•im became the trains & truckers of their day; merchant traders driving camel caravans of merchandise, plying the entirety of this trade route from today's Eritrean-Ethiopian border region in the south, north along Africa's east coast to the Sinai, east across the Sinai's Mi•dᵊbar Pâ•rân to ancient Kᵊna•an; establishing colonial caravanserai settlements at regular ≈32 km intervals. Once in Kᵊna•an, they plied their wares to Gilead. Yi•shᵊmᵊeil•im became nomadic traders ranging from חֲוִילָ֔ה (Kha•vil•âh, bundle, package; i.e. Nubia), the ancient gold country of modern Ethiopia, along the SE African coast, through bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar Shūr in the Sinai, north along the Mediterranean coast to גִּלְעָד‎ (Gilᵊâd, Circle of Witness; modern Jalad in NW Jordan; ).

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