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בָּחַר: Applicant-Accepted

bã•kharꞋ: bakhar,bekhirah,bakhurah,bokheirBH: root verb and cognate בְּחִירָה—The only definition that poses no contradiction to Tōr•ãhꞋ: to affirm acceptance of an applicant into the (genealogical) "Tree of Life" (yō•khas•inꞋ ). The best-known usage of בָּחַר implies its definition by its product: a ta•lᵊmidꞋ—an apprentice; in training!

An apprentice or applicant for a grant or subsidy:

Note: Children were presumed, while under the tutelage of their father (wives were legally chattel), to follow Tōr•ãhꞋ until

However, the MH: racist (parental lineage) misdefinition, given enormous influenced by the Nazis, is precluded by the original BH: definition millennia earlier.

Choosing A Non-Applicant Apprentice ≡ Enslavement!

So what is the origin and background, the proper contextual connotation, of בָּחַר?

Note that if a master chose a non-applicant apprentice, this amounts to enslaving the apprentice without the apprentice's informed consent—enslavement, which constitutes a contradiction of free will, and justice! And, therefore, it would contradict our Just Creator! Consequently, any "Chosen People" is a contradiction of free will, justice and a Just Creator.

For Existant (יְהוָׂה, the Creator) to have "chosen" a race would render the Creator 1. Unjust to all "non-chosen" children, and therefore 2. self-contradicting, imperfect, no different from the other pantheons, and 3. Racist!!! That is certainly not יְהוָׂה {Existant} of Tōr•ãhꞋ, and one must absolutely not follow such a false, displacement god—nor follow any mortal clergy who have assimilated their tradition or beliefs to follow it!!!

The Bᵊrit: Ta•lᵊmidꞋ (Apprenticeship) Curriculum Offer

The Apprenticeship Bᵊrit For Applicant Ta•lᵊmid•imꞋ
The Bᵊrit Is Offered To All Humankind: The "Chooser-Decider" Is You!
No One Has Ever Been "Chosen" By יְהוָׂה {Existant}!

Remember (Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 31-34) that the first tablets—the first bᵊrit עֵ֣קֶב (conditional upon) satisfying the criteria set by Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ that Mōsh•ëhꞋ brought down from Har Sin•aiꞋ were smashed because of the gold ᴷhãt-hōrꞋ calf-mask.

The second two stone tablets were inscribed by Mōsh•ëhꞋ—metaphorically, "the finger of ël•ōh•imꞋ ", if literal, would violate the prohibition against physicomorphism! The wording of the second set was identical to the first (Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 34.1)—and the conditions required to maintain the validity of this bᵊrit were set forth in Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 34.1–35.3. This is the current Bᵊrit presented to Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ for ratification, which they did (Dᵊvãr•imꞋ 29–31).

בָּחַר, when understood according to its original, pre-Hellenized (pre-BCE 175, pre-Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής ), Ta•na״khꞋ definition and usage, is a critical, and proper term indicating acceptance into a standing offer in an apprenticeship—like a university offering an opportunity to study. Bã•kharꞋ is the "[letter of acceptance]" to the standing offer of the Bᵊrit, open to everyone.

Under Mōsh•ëhꞋ at Har Sin•aiꞋ, Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ chose to enter the bᵊrit with יְהוָׂהNOT the reverse!

"Chosenness", dependent on one's parent(s), is racism!

Further, a racist definition of "chosenness" contradicts free will—and the Ærëv Rav as well as the gær•imꞋ in Tōr•ãhꞋ!

Every Jew who claims that יְהוָׂה {Existant} chose the Jews is, therefore, a contradiction of Tōr•ãhꞋ shë-bi-KhᵊtãvꞋ, heresy!

Even beyond all of this, representing that יְהוָׂה {Existant} is a Racist to all of His children takes a special kind of delusional, arrogant and sanctimonious heresy! No surprise that this ignites "Jew hatred" (miso-Judaism).

"Chosenness" Is Mutually Exclusive Of TzëdꞋëq

TzëdꞋëq is implied by the reflection of the Creator Author of the Laws operating the universe. It is not compatible with an Omniscient and TzëdꞋëq Creator to treat creation unjustly. Being constructive, you must search it out like Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ did. The Laws that the Creator created as an integral and operational component of the universe (reality, not fables), are perfectly precise and operate perfectly—echoing their Creator. The apprenticeship nature of the bᵊrit is confirmed by the Ta•na״khꞋ terminology describing those who accept this constructive legal בְּחִירָה of the apprenticeship-Bᵊrit: ta•lᵊmidꞋ!!! 

  1. offered by a capable constructive-Offeror (in this case, יְהוָׂה, Existant) of

  2. consideration (compensation, something of value; i.e. amicable fellowship with the Offeror) in return for

  3. specified performance of the contracted terms and conditions (i.e. adherence to TzëdꞋëq—the original, primitive-understandings, of these Principles being the mi•tzᵊw•ōtꞋ codified in Ta•na״khꞋ) that,

  4. if legally (freely and of sound mind) accepted by an offeree (i.e. any sentient being), 

  5. constitutes a constructive (i.e. quasi-) bᵊrit type of formal and legal contract.

    Note: Only upon performance of the terms and conditions of the bᵊrit does any individual offeree qualify for the consideration promised by the constructive-offeror as specified in the bᵊrit.

An offer is neither a contract, nor its consideration, nor its compensation. Nor does an offer, apart from its terms, constitute a contract—nor any binding unilateral, gratuitous grant or gift!!! Further, an offer, apart from acceptance of the terms by the offeree(s), does not constitute, nor even suggest, legal acceptance (much less compliance in satisfying the terms of the bᵊrit) by an offeree, of an offer of a bᵊrit!

The Bᵊrit of Tōr•ãhꞋ

Conceived By Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, Given Birth By Mōsh•ëhꞋ

The great value of a Tōr•ãhꞋ scroll is its written evidence reproducing the offer, terms and consideration of the Bᵊrit of יְהוָׂה {Existant}; making the Offer of the Bᵊrit open to any human person willing to satisfy its terms and conditions.

Why was Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ offered? Nowhere does the Bible tell us why Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ rather than someone else was "chosen". It was because Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ recognized that there could only be a Singularity-Creator and, ergo, that is whom he would aspire to know and serve!

Logic (science of Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ's day). Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ's second realization was a Singularity-Creator implies a Singular Design of the universe, and that implies an Intelligent, indeed Omniscient, Purpose! We have come to know and partially understand some of these Perfect Laws operating our universe, our reality, as laws of physics and logic (discrete mathematics). These Perfect and Immutable Laws (Ma•lãkh•iꞋ 3.6) perfectly reflect their Creator! Thus, we can learn about our Creator from learning about the Creator's Laws operating the universe.

Yet, although יְהוָׂה {Existant} is Immutable, הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה (civilization, the world, changes)! Therefore, as civilization advances in the knowledge of these Laws of יְהוָׂה {Existant}—our reality, we grow a nanobit closer in understanding how we are expected to relate to our Creator—how to ever more knowledgeably interpret the Bᵊrit Tōr•ãhꞋ to become ever more compatible with יְהוָׂה {Existant}!

This further implies that anyone and everyone who advocates the ossification of primitive interpretations of Tōr•ãhꞋ has strayed from the logical thinking of Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and Mōsh•ëhꞋ (as well as from the Nᵊviy•imꞋ, Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ and from RibꞋi Yᵊhō•shūꞋa)—fighting against יְהוָׂה {Existant}, and Tōr•ãhꞋ.

Why A Constructive Bᵊrit?

This bᵊrit mi•tᵊla•mædꞋ had to be constructive because:

  1. For Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ to physically hear the Creator physically speak would have constituted physicomorphism (the superset of animism, mutated via Hellenism to "idolatry"!

  2. Rather, 2. Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ logically deduced the necessity of TzëdꞋëq being an essential attribute of a Creator. Therefore, TzëdꞋëq is "implied in law… an obligation created by law for the sake of [TzëdꞋëq]."

Hence, this constructive offer is a mi•tᵊla•mædꞋ bᵊrit, necessarily implied by the Creator's perfectly TzëdꞋëq Laws we witness constantly in the workings of the universe (reality). Each and every creature having the sapience to discern these things has equal opportunity to embrace and undertake this apprenticeship as a ta•lᵊmidꞋ of Ta•na״khꞋ. No clergy can block your access—and no one has any more access, or intercessory ability, than you. 

Scrutinizing more closely, a legally valid offer is merely the "statement of terms under which the constructive-offeror agrees to be bound. The constructive-offeror promises to do something or refrain from doing something in return for a promise from the offeree. There are some essential elements to an offer.

The conventional post-1880 CE neo-translation of בָּחַר, conveying assimilation of a Christian-style grant or gift of chosenness entitlement, in addition to Christian-influence, owes its derivation to the extinction of conversational Hebrew as a spoken language in 135 CE. Even the vowel and cantillation points weren't introduced until around the 10th century CE. Conversational Hebrew wasn't reintroduced until the latter years of my great-grandfather (i.e. 1881 CE)!

Constrained by the Roman Catholic Church, these recent English translations aimed to convey the general idea, leaving gray areas often colored-in by the Hellenized LXX, rather than a historically-accurate, Biblical-Hebrew definition.

Moreover, many translations are garbled through, even marked as: HH, MH and even NH. The combination of all of these erosions, further colored by modern religious and cultural language usage, produced the familiar definition as "to choose or select", rather than the historically-accurate definition.

However, many passages stipulate one or more conditions that must be met before בָּחַר is granted. This defines a contractual covenant (bᵊrit), not a no-strings bestowal of Chosenness!

Conditioned upon terms of a contractual bᵊrit requires that בָּחַר be properly defined as described in this page.

Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, Mōsh•ëhꞋ and the last Pᵊrush•imꞋ of the Beit Din ha-Jã•dōlꞋ (namely Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ, RibꞋi Yᵊhō•shūꞋa, Ga•mᵊl•i•eilꞋ ha-Za•qeinꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ and Rab•ãnꞋ Shim•ōnꞋ Bar Yō•khaiꞋ ) have no connection to the racist Hellenist (kō•han•imꞋ Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ Beit Sha•maiꞋ) doctrine of a "Chosen People". The Hellenist origin of the concept of a "Chosen People" who can do what they want because they're entitled—will be detailed after a brief synopsis of the historical root of miso-Judaism.

cBCE 200—Hellenist Jews' LXX Transgarbles בָּחַר To ἐκλέγω"Chosen"

BCE 175—The Conception Of Miso-Judaism

In BCE 175, Yᵊhō•shūꞋa Bën-Shim•ōnꞋ-Jr., Bën-Tzã•dōqꞋ, the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ Kō•heinꞋ ha-RëshꞋa, sought to depose his brother, Yᵊkhōn•yãhꞋ Bën-Shim•ōnꞋ Jr. Bën-Tzã•dōqꞋ ha-Kō•heinꞋ ha-Jã•dōlꞋ, as Kō•hænꞋ ha-Jã•dōlꞋ—enabling him to Hellenize both the kō•han•imꞋ (promoting Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ) and thereby Hellenize the Second "Temple" (!) of Ἡρῴδης the Ë•dōm•iꞋ.

So Hellenist Yᵊhō•shūꞋa Bën-Shim•ōnꞋ-Jr. the Tzᵊdōq•iꞋ Kō•heinꞋ went to the Hellenist SëꞋlë•ūk•ös Satrap, Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής  and purchased the office of Kō•hænꞋ ha-Jã•dōlꞋ by authority of the SëꞋlë•ūk•ös Satrap. While this purchase from a foreign power was illegitimate according to pre-BCE175 Ha•lãkh•ãhꞋ, the harsh fact is that, overnight, the kō•han•imꞋ became Hellenized as illegitimate kō•han•imꞋ Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ along with their "Temple"!

The Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ maintained their dominance in their resultant Hellenist "Συνέδριον" Zūg•ōtꞋ until they finally abdicated to the will of the people, deferring to the Pᵊrush•imꞋ Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ only in BCE 28, just 21 years before the birth of Riyb"y  (BCE 0007.05.29).

Birth of Miso-Judaic Hatred Toward "Chosen People"!!!

From the time that the Pᵊrush•imꞋ first dominated the Συνέδριον (sic), the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ began blending in as (fake) "Pᵊrush•imꞋ" (e.g., Beit Sha•maiꞋ "Pᵊrush•imꞋ", Ἡρῴδης "Pᵊrush•imꞋ").

The Apostate Paul depended on the Hellenist LXX ἐκλέγω"Chosen"—readings for his Hellenist Ζεύς-based Iæ•sous "ἐπιφάνεια" pitch to Hellenist Romans (en route to Damascus, Syria).

Ultimate Origin Of "The Chosen People"

This racist misdefinition of בָּחַר, "to choose, select or elect", doesn't derive from ancient Hebrew. Rather, origins of this racist definition track back prior to Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, to the earliest religions of hominids (physicomorphism and its subset animism) and how physicomorphism found its way into the Jewish-Gentile narrative as "idolatry"—a Hellenist term having no Hebrew counterpart! 

Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ was the first and singular documented exception to all of the ancients who believed in physicomorphism and its corollary: their belief that spirits, present in all matter, were the gods. This seed evolved into the pantheons of all of the ancient—into today's—world; from Egypt to Mesopotamia and, much later, Greek Hellenism—which, remember, was imposed on Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ in BCE 175 by Yᵊhō•shūꞋa Bën-Shim•ōnꞋ-Jr., Bën-Tzã•dōqꞋ, the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•iꞋ Kō•heinꞋ ha-RëshꞋa, enabled by Ἀντίοχος  4th Ἐπιφανής , resulting in the Hellenization of the "2nd "Temple" of Ἡρῴδης the Ë•dōm•iꞋand, by the BCE 2nd century, the Hellenist kō•han•imꞋ Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ racist origin of—"The Chosen People"!

Former Qa•nãyꞋim eloquent Greek-speaking Roman citizen Pᵊrush•iꞋ-turned-Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•iꞋ, The Apostate Paul Hellenist-Christian) cherry-picked  the "Chosen" connotation—a racist befoulment of יְהוָׂה {Existant }; since every human being is a child of the Just Singularity-Creator of the universe!

Not only is this racist connotation unsupported in ancient I•vᵊr•itꞋ, it isn't even supported in Hellenist LXX Greek translation: ἐκλέγω—which confirms my corrected definition, above, of בָּחַר!

BCE 0850 Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser 3rd: Israeilis fringes, tephilin & turban
Click to enlarge3 Israelis (right, wearing הַכָּנָ֖ף פְּתִ֥יל תְּכֵֽלֶת tᵊphil•inꞋ  & mi•gᵊba•atꞋ), guarded by 2 𒀸𒋩𒆠 soldiers, wait with gifts as YeiꞋhū Bën-Yᵊhō•shã•phãtꞋ ha-MëlꞋëkh Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ kisses feet of Shar Neo-Assyrian (cBCE 859–824) Shūlᵊmãnū-Asharëdū (''Friend-god is pre-eminent''; Shalmaneser) 3rd (Shūlᵊmãnū 3rd).

Just as nationalities today are identified by a national identity number or passport, ancient nations needed to be able to distinguish their citizens from foreigners. To most economically achieve this before photo and biometric IDs, ancient nations needed only to keep track of the adult men. Thus, it was necessary to document each young male upon reaching the age of self-accountability, and to identify them by their national dress; like the Kᴴa•tᵊ•tūꞋshans, Tzūr•imꞋ, Mi•tzᵊr•ayꞋim, Pūlossians (later Hellenized), etc. Only the nation of Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ was just forming. There was no national dress! So Mōsh•ëhꞋ designed and set forth the national dress—very much unlike today's 1800s CE European "fringes", "phylacteries", "kippas" & culture.

C60 CE—Enter The Apostate Paul

Apostate Paul's Hellenist Turkish Christians  Displace Tōr•ãhꞋ;
"The Chosen People" Displaces Ta•lᵊmid•imꞋ Tōr•ãhꞋ

Before The Apostate Paul's "Epiphany" and the The Apostate Pau-line (Christian) era, however, the LXX was regarded as non-authoritative; merely a translation for ignorant Jews of the Diaspora, of whom only a few scholars (e.g., Φίλων) could still read the original Hebrew.

For the Hebrew readers of Ta•na״khꞋ, בָּחַר continued, uninterrupted, to mean "accepted-apprentice" (e.g., to adhere to Tōr•ãhꞋ shë-bi-KhᵊtãvꞋ) as a ta•lᵊmidꞋ, not a "Chosen People"!

By contrast, Hellenist Jews were especially primed by LXX to adopt the Hellenist "Good News ἐπιφάνεια"ἸηΖεύς—of Hellenist Apostate Paul (on the road to Damascus, Syria), esoterically encoded in Ἰησοῦς!

This rooted itself into the Orthodox Egyptians' pantheon of gods structure, especially HōrꞋūs, which had mutated into "the son of god" (as son of IꞋsis & Ō•sirꞋis).

Further compounding the transgarblation from Hebrew Ta•na״khꞋ into Hellenist LXX Greek, the Hellenist Apostate Paul honed his pitch to the Hellenist Romans, based on the Hellenist LXX, by esoterically merging the Hellenist-Jewish name Ἰησοῦς as an encryption of "ἸηΖεύς ἐπιφάνεια" (on the road to Damascus Syria). Paul's Ἰησοῦς Divine Son → Ghost, Father-God "Trinity" with "Holy-Mary-Mother-of-God" idols tracked from the Romans' Hellenist pantheon of gods (especially Ζεύς) as naturally as the Roman Latin pantheon tracked from the earlier Greek pantheon. In this way, The Apostate Paul painted "Jesus" as the natural completion of both the Egyptian and Roman gods structure; the "Savior" bringing "eternal salvation to the gentiles"—by displacing Tōr•ãhꞋ with Roman Hellenism: the Christian Church.

Since The Apostate Paul's "epiphany"  of "Jesus", like HōrꞋūs and Ζεύς were "divine", that, The Apostate Paul—who brought "Jesus" to the gentile  Hellenist (budding Roman Church)—claimed, enabled "Jesus", by his supposedly divine right, to bestow his "salvation" on whomever he "chose" (Καινής Διαθήκης "John" 15.16)!

While this first and original Hellenist Turkish Χριστιανούς religion—Roman Catholic Christianity—enjoyed significant appeal among the Roman masses, first in Antakya, Turkey (despite being a threat to the Roman establishment), "out-converting" Jews remained rare, even among Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ and even rarer among the almost entirely anti-Hellenist Pᵊrush•imꞋ. This was Hellenist "Judaism" 2.0, served-up to the Hellenist Roman masses—the Roman Catholic Χριστιανούςnot Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ!—Church, \'>Pᵊrush•imꞋ Jews, prayed in a beit kᵊnësꞋët, not the excised-Paul\'s Turkish Hellenist Christian Churches!','#dfefff', 260)"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"> displacing Yᵊhūd•imꞋ as the "Chosen People"!!!

The Apostate Paul Supercharged Miso-Judaism

To this point in history, wars against Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ and YᵊhūdꞋãh had been waged over land trade routes, resisting payment of taxes to foreign rulers, enemies of alliances, duplicity toward foreign rulers, changes of allegiance between foreign rulers and the like, as well as religion (refusal to worship physicomorphic gods)—similar to every other country and people.

By rooting the centerpiece of his "divine" ἐπιφάνεια in his false, cryptically esoteric, equivalencing of Ἰησοῦς to physicomorphic ἸηΖεύς, however, The Apostate Paul conflated them into an intractably contradiction of Ta•na״khꞋ! Paul's ἐπιφάνεια was a physicomorphism—a shi•qūtzꞋ, intractably contradictory to the Ha•lãkh•ãhꞋ of the Pᵊrush•imꞋ (which included the Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ)!

Accordingly, the Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ Beit Din

  1. denounced the shi•qūtzꞋ ἐπιφάνεια, originally founded as Hellenist Roman "Χριστιανούς" in Antakya, Turkey; and

  2. pronounced kã•reitꞋ upon The Apostate Paul

Apostate Paul: All Who Reject Shi•qūtzꞋ ἸηΖεύς Are Enemies of God!

The Apostate Paul equated

Compounding the prejudice, the Nazis cemented in the minds of the world, now universally internalized in the assimilation of Orthodox Jews themselves, the racist belief of the ancient Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ (today's Beit Sha•maiꞋ faux-Orthodox rabbis, intent on rebuilding their box to house a necessarily-physicomorphic god), that all Jews (not just kō•han•imꞋ Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ) are defined by parental lineage; i.e. that Jews are a race rather than as at Har Sin•aiꞋ: a people defined by the constructive bᵊrit בָּחַר—to become ta•lᵊmid•imꞋ adherers of Tōr•ãhꞋ.

The Apostasy (Ἐπιφάνεια) Of Paul

The Apostate Paul, compounded together these components of his Hellenist shi•qūtzꞋ ἐπιφάνεια, even while he was painting Jews as claiming to be the "Chosen People" (LXX ἐκλέγω); thereby instilling—in the deepest, most primal depths of the soul—an innate hatred of Jews as enemies of God—and, therefore, enemies of all humankind and creation!

This preconception has become universal and genocidal throughout the non-Jewish world wherever Christianity or Islam has been taught. This is the source cause of miso-Judaism, the O- transfusing all of the demonstrations against Jews and Israel, as well as all of the innumerable persecutions, pogroms and wars. war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Jews and israel throughout history subsequent to The Apostate Paul—including the Shō•ãhꞋ and the Israeli 10.07 (of 2023)!

This is enormously exacerbated by some racist-supremacist Orthodox Jews who most sanctimoniously and arrogantly base themselves in Hellenist assimilation, proclaiming themselves, based on parental lineage (racism), to indeed be the "Chosen People"!

It's not enough to be hated as "enemies of God and creation", these Jews have to be sanctimonious, arrogant and combative about it! How suicidally insane is that?

When sane Jews fail to denounce these fanatic left-over Tzᵊdōq•iꞋ Beit Sha•maiꞋ we invite the resulting curse on ourselves.

Grasping the true nature of miso-Judaism is the first step toward forging the remedy. The second step is abandoning the traditional reliance on pleas against "anti-Semitism" that have never worked for over 2 millennia now. As long as Jews allow the Pauline shi•qūtzꞋ, painting Jews as the enemy of God and all creation, to stand, no plea to stop hating the enemy of God and creation can possibly have any positive effect!

The icing on his 💩cake is that The Apostate Paul, in his letters to his "original seven" Hellenist Greek-speaking Christian Churches in Antiokhos, Turkey (Καινής Διαθήκης ), insisted that, therefore, his Turkish Hellenist Roman Christians were, as per the Hellenist LXX, the "Chosen People"! The only remedy to this ageless curse of miso-Judaism is to thoroughly repudiate the Hellenist (not Ta•na״khꞋ!) fallacy of Jews as a "Chosen People"!

The greatest continuing obstacle to freeing ourselves from the Hellenist curse of "Chosen People" is our continued tolerance of those who regard this Hellenist assimilation as Orthodox "tradition!" This has derived from the 1st-century Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ, not from Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ (nor his immensely popular protégé, Riyb"y ) or other Pᵊrush•imꞋ.

The Kã•reitꞋ of The Apostate Paul From The Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ

For denying that "Jesus" abandoned Tōr•ãhꞋ and switched to Christians (later adding Muslims) as the "Chosen People".

For insisting to teach this, the Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ Beit Din imposed kã•reitꞋ on The Apostate Paul! While glossed over an ignored by the Christian Church, this is documented both in the Καινής Διαθήκης and in Eusëbios. The exact point is clearly documented in "Acts" 13.9, where "Saul" is used for the last time and thereafter (in the original Hellenist Greek) he is referred to only as the Hellenist: Paul. Further, the kã•reitꞋ itself, while glossed over in transgarblations, is documented (in Hellenist Greek) in "Acts" 15.40 , where the Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ pronounce kã•reitꞋ on him (transgarbled to Greek): "παραδοθεὶς τῇ χάριτι τοῦ Κυρίου ὑπὸ τῶν ἀδελφῶν"—in modern American lingo, the blessing for someone condemned to death (for Jews at this time, only Rome could authorize a death sentence; hence, this was condemnation to eternal, spiritual death): "May god have mercy on your soul"! Of course, that's not the message transgarbled by the Church. After transmitting kã•reitꞋ to Paul, he was no longer a Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ!

For refusing to abandon Tōr•ãhꞋ and follow the Displacement Apostasy of The Apostate Paul, Jews have been hated, hounded, persecuted and slaughtered ever since The Apostate Paul's Apostasy and kã•reitꞋ.

135 CE—Romans Quash False Mã•shiꞋakh Bar-KōkhꞋvã Revolt
Romans Exile Nᵊtzãr•imꞋ Along With Other Jews

While the LXX definition, with the "chosen" connotation, continued in the CE, the original Hebrew meaning was lost when conversational Hebrew went extinct c135 CE.

Since this was published by the Roman Catholic Christian Church in the 4th century CE, a war has raged upon Jews as the "Chosen People" vis-à-vis Christians displacing the Jews. 3 centuries later, the Muslims piled-on the Jews, claiming they then displaced Jews as the "Chosen People". Yet, Ta•na״khꞋ never provided any basis that Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ, nor YᵊhūdꞋãh were ever "Chosen". Indeed, Ta•na״khꞋ, specifying בָּחַר, contradicts Hellenist The Apostate Pauline lie responsible for the countless persecutions of Jews, from the early church to the 2023 Muslim Khamas Invasion of Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ!

It's even more despicable that, imposed during the Shō•ãhꞋ, Jews subsequently internalized the Nazi racist definition. Consequently, despite numerous written objections by many Jews and rabbis rebutting any notion of "the Chosen People",F (by which they really (?) refer to the MH: misconstruction the Hebrew term, בָּחַר) "is so unconnected to any notion of race that Jews believe that the [Mã•shiꞋakh] himself will descend from Rūt, a non-​Jewish woman [by race] who [is only assumed to have] "converted" to Judaism."  Yet, this still continues to bring vicious and widespread hatred upon Jews. Yet, according to the 2013 Democracy Index (Israel Democracy Institute), ≈⅔ of Israeli Jews believe very or quite strongly "that the Jews are indeed the chosen people."

This meaning is also confirmed by the fact that those who earnestly adhere to these conditions (i.e. the BH, Ta•na״khꞋ mi•tzᵊwōtꞋ, not rabbinic interpretations ) are called BH: ta•lᵊmid•imꞋ (apprentices)!

Note: Though the usage of this term in the most critical passages in Ta•na״khꞋ necessarily and contractually requires qualifying for and maintaining stipulated requirements the conventional modern definition of this verb (i.e. chose, elected or selected), fails entirely to connote the legal requirement and contractual obligation of stipulated criteria! Thus, the MH: definition is self-contradictory in the most critical passages in Ta•na״khꞋ. Perhaps more than any other Hebrew word, bã•kharꞋ has been the greatest victim of the extinction of spoken Hebrew in 135 CE (vide infra)—and the cause of the racist myth of "the Chosen People"!

Mōsh•ëhꞋ Commissioned Educating All Peoples To The Light Of Tōr•ãhꞋ
(Unlike Ἰησοῦς, Καινής Διαθήκης & Χριστιανούς Of The Apostate Paul)

The Ærëv Rav

The Principle underpinning the Ærëv Rav is that educating the world to the בָּחַר Tōr•ãhꞋ has always been for all peoples: "My house shall be called a Beit Tᵊphil•ãhꞋ for all of -am•imꞋ".

For any intelligent people, millennia of increasing miso-Judaism would drive home the absolute necessity of tᵊshūv•ãhꞋ back to the loving Jewish education offered to every person, all people of the world advocated by Mōsh•ëhꞋ. This contrasts starkly against the pompous, arrogant—often despicably hateful, sanctimonious and racist (parental lineage) overriding of Mōsh•ëhꞋ by Orthodox (Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ-heritage) Beit Sha•maiꞋ rabbis of today—who've been assimilating since their sojourn in Bã•vëlꞋ and are unworthy to clean his sandals. Tᵊshūv•ãhꞋ to our original Principles is the sole remedy to miso-Judaism, and the most vital and critical survival issue for Jews today—and the future.

Some Orthodox rabbis of today, whose tradition has descended from Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ Beit Sha•maiꞋ and not Pᵊrush•imꞋ, presume to correct and override Mōsh•ëhꞋ, though they aren't worthy to clean his sandals. These Orthodox rabbis declare that Mōsh•ëhꞋ's inclusion of the Ærëv Rav was wrong! This arrogant and sanctimonious heresy simultaneously contradicts Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ as well! These are the same racist Orthodox rabbis who falsely claim that Tōr•ãhꞋ is only for Jews, that gentiles aren't permitted to keep Tōr•ãhꞋ, thereby misleading gentiles away from Tōr•ãhꞋ to, instead, follow a late 20th century CE "epiphany" (i.e. Bᵊn•eiꞋ-NōꞋakh) that has no legitimacy in Tōr•ãhꞋRoll eyes

Yet another contradiction of the Hellenist-Tzᵊdōq•imꞋ racist misdefinition: full acceptance of gær•imꞋ, en masse, is demonstrated as the paradigm example by Mōsh•ëhꞋ when leaving Mi•tzᵊr•ayꞋim

Tōr•ãhꞋ—of Mōsh•ëhꞋ, Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ and Riyb"y  support the education of Tōr•ãhꞋ shë-bi-KhᵊtãvꞋ and the rest of Ta•na״khꞋnot the Displacement Mythology Pantheon Καινής Διαθήκης Of The Apostate Paul!

For continued rapprochement to Existant available to everyone, this constructive bᵊrit was open to anyone—including the Ærëv Rav (bᵊReish•itꞋ 17.7; Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 19.5–6 Dᵊvãr•imꞋ 14; Yᵊhō•shūꞋa 24.15; ÃꞋmōs 3:2) and their descendants—who בַּחֲר֨וּ have applied to shoulder the Tōr•ãhꞋ according to the constructive bᵊrit, as later proclaimed by Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ.

Various forms of בָּחַר are found in various rabbinic blessings. The Hebrew word is authentic and legitimate; the modern connotation of "chosen", however, is blasphemy, contradicting the most pivotal Tōr•ãhꞋ standard: Tōr•ãhꞋ teaches that it is the human who chooses to apprentice to the Ta•na״khꞋ יְהוָׂהnot the reverse!

No rabbi, nor other clergy person, nor supposed Greek knock-off delusion ("epiphany") of The Apostate Paul, holds your Key to "heaven"; only you do!

The Key is Ta•na״khꞋ, Tōr•ãhꞋ (Instruction Manual for Life). To convert, Hi•leilꞋ ha-Za•qeinꞋ, "the Babylonian" provided: Treat others as you wish to be treated; then go study and practice the Tōr•ãhꞋ written in Ta•na״khꞋ, being a responsible and stand-up Jew within the closest Jewish community—that is tolerant of diverse streams of Jews.

Educating Today's World To Reality-Based (Science-Compatible) Ta•na״khꞋ

Ma•lãkh•iꞋ ha-Nã•viꞋ discerned that, just as the Laws of the Creator (sunrise, sunset, the seasons, etc.) are unchanging, these reflect the Immutable  Attributes—Essence—of their Designer-Creator יְהוָׂה (Existant).

Every effect (reaction) has a cause (action). The "Big Nᵊti•yãhꞋ" ("Big Bang", Creation) of our universe implies the OmniSCIENCE of its Creator-Singularity underlying its design and creation.

Similarly, the laws governing the operation of the universe, reflecting its Designer-Creator, don't change. Ergo, Existant's Immutability is implied by the immutability of Existant's Laws, since the Laws governing the operation of creation are the Products of the Creator's Omniscience; a tautology confirmed by our reality itself.

Every Principle of mi•shᵊpãtꞋ Tōr•ãhꞋ, is based on the Creator-Singularity; having always been worked-out anchored in stare decisis—from Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, advanced and magnified by Mōsh•ëhꞋ and Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ, to the end of civilization!

Having observed that the laws operating creation don't favor or discriminate against the individual, Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ and Mōsh•ëhꞋ recognized the Principle of TzëdꞋëq (Equality of Justness).

The Tōr•ãhꞋ Principle of Truth derives from this same logic methodology (only one, solitary Truth  Reality) of a Creator-Singularity.

Again because physicomorphism is ruled-out as blasphemy, these Principles cannot have been spoken in physical voice waves into the physical ears of Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, Mōsh•ëhꞋ, etc. No differently from you and me, a mortal can only work-out logically—i.e. perceive—Sapience (thoughts, concepts) of the Creator. In other words, Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ percieved the Creator-Singularity by a descriptive Name capturing the eternal nature: יְהוָׂה (Existant, the English proper noun Name; not "the Existent {One}" adjective).

Thus, Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ answered the never-before-answered question: where did the first gods of the pantheons come from? In Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ's eureka moment, the Logic of Truth-Reality became—forever—mutually exclusive from all theologies of other cultures. A priori, there can be only Logic  Reality  Truth: יְהוָׂה {Existant}; the Laws applied by the Creator governing the operation of our universe reflecting their Designer.

Ta•na״khꞋ: Different In Kind From Every Other!

Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ Rejected Idolizing Legends To Pursue Logic—Light!

בְּנֵי-אוֹר vs בְּנֵי-חֹשֶׁךְ

Before Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, all religions began with lionizing and idol-izing the legendary national heroes from their oral tradition. They speculated that their collection of hero-mortals, at death, transcended into stars. Over a long period of time, this collection of legends mutated into their pantheons.

Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ entirely rejected their methodology. All Principles of Ta•na״khꞋ are, similarly, logically derived from the Laws governing the operation of reality (our physical universe)—not Stone Age  superstitious esoteric physicomorphisms! In the Stone Age, before the masses of civilization became educated, priests who could read were essential to communicate and teach their contemporary (Stone Age ) learning to the masses. However, it's always helpful to remember that, while יְהוָׂה {Existant} is Immutable, civilizations continue to advance, human knowledge continues to advanced and our planet World is continually changing. !הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה Homo sapiens likewise apply their latest and best knowledge to understand and interpret mi•shᵊpãtꞋ.

These Perfect and Immutable Principles, when combined with the prohibition against physicomorphism, preclude representing anything physical as god, including physical body-parts (such as a physical hand writing on a physical medium), physical tongue or lips for speaking, physical ears for hearing, etc. Existant is above physical (and, therefore, likewise above gender: neither a he nor she—a remnant of idolizing legendary heroes).

Rather, יְהוָׂה {Existant} manifests through the Perfect Laws operating Creation—reflecting the Creator. Homo sapiens should be distinguished not by physical genetics or race, but rather through the capacity to discern these rational Laws of reality.

In contrast to Homo sapiens-lite, I distinguish Homo sapiens as capable of discerning and learning about Principles of the Creator; such as Justice (every action has an equal and opposite reaction, no exceptions based on favoritism or discrimination). Similarly, realizing our own continuing sapience despite imperfectness teaches us that the Creator is Patient, Compassionate, Loving and Forgiving (when we demonstrate tᵊshūv•ãhꞋ); so we should emulate our Creator: being patient, compassionate, loving and forgiving in a Just Way (i.e. according to mi•shᵊpãtꞋ): namely toward those who similarly demonstrate tᵊshūv•ãhꞋ to us (reimbursement + a 20% peace offering penalty).

These are examples of how Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, Mōsh•ëhꞋ and Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ perceived—and emulated the Creator-Singularity, יְהוָׂה {Existant}. This is how we must continue emulating and drawing closer to יְהוָׂה {Existant}. For, while Existant is Immutable, הָעוֹלָם הִשְׁתַּנָּה!

יְהוָׂה {Existant} doesn't change—but we change! The planet changes! Technology changes! Civilization changes! Most significantly, our knowledge and understanding advances! So must our Mi•shᵊpãtꞋ Tōr•ãhꞋ, the stare decisis of Homo sapiens, beginning with Avᵊrã•hãmꞋ, continue advancing among Homo sapiens; in the present time and throughout the future of this universe!

All of these factors must be included in our understanding of the basic Principles of Ta•na״khꞋ!

To be ossified in the Stone Age mindset of our Patriarchs, as admirable as they were in their time, theirs was the but the beginning of rational knowledge, not an occult zenith to be ossified with dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. Failure of mi•shᵊpãt•imꞋ to keep pace with the Reflections (science of creation) of the OmniSCIENT-Creator defines the ossified Stone Age mindset of Homo sapiens-lite, not a Homo sapiens!

The rôle of mortals is to pursue science and knowledge and adapt mi•shᵊpãt•eiꞋ Tōr•ãhꞋ to ever-better reflect Existant's OmniSCIENT Essence! This means applying the most modern Knowledge and Science-Centered Interpretations—not Stone  Age Clergy superstition-based physicomorphism voodoo)!

The proof of apprenticeship (or hypocrisy) to Tōr•ãhꞋ is plainly visible and obvious to everyone, as described by Hi•lælꞋ ha-Za•qænꞋ, ha-Nã•siꞋ: Treat others as you wish to be treated"; i.e. Justly, Truthfully and according to all other Tōr•ãhꞋ Principles Reflecting the Essence of יְהוָׂה {Existant}.

135 CE Extinction of Conversational I•vᵊr•itꞋ

Jews Exiled From Israel
Circumcision, Torah Scrolls, Hebrew Forbidden On Pain Of Death

Spoken Hebrew quickly went extinct. Torah was forbidden on pain of death. Consequently, recitation was restricted to memory recited and taught in secret. (Amazing how accurately, as corroborated by the DSS!)

Pogroms and persecutions by the Christian Church become rampant and repeated, enduring for 2 millennia—even after the ShōꞋãh and 1948.05.14 (the establishment of the modern state of Israel), curses still echo today in Muslim, and more than a little Christian, support for Khamas  in the wake of Israel's 10.07 War.

American Civil War Era Reconstruction Of Extinct Hebrew Language

The definition Of בָּחַר ubiquitous today, a millennium after spoken I•vᵊr•itꞋ became extinct, is MH: that was misconstructed in my grandfather's—American Civil War—era as: "choose/​chosen, elect or select" (e.g., parental DNA) is flagrant racism!!!

Due to 2 millennia of Hellenist Christian ἐκλέγω dominance—while the spoken Hebrew definition of בָּחַר remained extinct, the modern, post-American Civil War era, misconstructed Hebrew redefinition molded to the most-widely disseminated extant Hellenist Greek (i.e. choose, select or elect), is incompatible with the most critical passages of Ta•na״khꞋ (those that are accompanied by "if you obey" conditions). Much has been written that this cannot mean a "Chosen" people.

Despite repeated attempts by many rabbis to rectify this miscommunication, which has perverted the ancient Hebrew offer at Har Sin•aiꞋ (Shᵊm•ōtꞋ 19.5–6; Dᵊvãr•imꞋ 7.5-8; 13.18; 14.2; 28.1,15; 30.10; wa-Yi•qᵊr•ãꞋ 26.14; et al.)—conditioned upon obedience—this misdefinition has been at the center of miso-Judaism from the moment this verb and its cognates was first miscommunicated.

The Christianity-influenced, American Civil War Era rebirth of extinct conversational I•vᵊr•itꞋ have misleadingly promulgated Jews as the "Chosen People" via this verb root: bã•kharꞋ. Everywhere the verb root: bã•kharꞋ occurs in Ta•na״khꞋ it refers to an affirmation of acceptance of individual persons applying and qualifying for the offer—not a completed consideration nor transaction. Furthermore, "choseness" is blatant racism incompatible with a Tza•diqꞋ Creator-Singularity of the universe! Any bᵊrit from a Tza•diqꞋ must be equally open for any and all children of יְהוָׂה willing to discipline themselves to qualify by keeping the terms of the bᵊrit!

Adhere To Science-Compatible  (Reality) Mi•shᵊpãtꞋ Ta•na״khꞋ (=Ha•lãkh•ãhꞋ)
Not Any Mortal Teacher Nor "Conversion" Authority!

While you would need to apply to an Israeli Embassy for worldly Israeli citizenship (which is unnecessary), there are Israeli citizens of every race, as well as Israeli citizens who are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and innumerable others.

Inclusion in Am Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ is mutually exclusive from citizenship in the modern worldly state of Israel. Neither the modern state of Israel, nor any Rabbinate, nor any rabbi nor any clergy has a key to your access to your Creator (see Scriptures below). You, and only you (i.e. no Intercessor nor clergy), always have exclusive access to your Creator.

יְהוָׂה {Existant} is not racist! There is no "chosen people"; only people who have chosen יְהוָׂה {Existant}!!!

בָּחַר—acceptance into the apprenticing (Ærëv Rav, i.e. gær•imꞋ) transition  into the Bᵊrit of unreserved practice of Tōr•ãhꞋ constituting inclusion in Am Yi•sᵊr•ã•eilꞋ requires only a serious lifetime commitment to the study of Ta•na״khꞋ, while doing one's best to adhere to, the Mi•tzᵊw•ōtꞋ Tōr•ãhꞋ. It's up to you, personally; no one else!

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