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Updated: 2017.11.09


Today's rabbis routinely cite Dᵊvâr•im 17.11 as Scriptural Basis underpinning their claimed meta-Tor•âh authority to override and displace not only Ha•lâkh•âh dᵊ-Ōr•ai•tâ – but even Tor•âh shë-bi•khᵊtâv; telling you that Scripture touts their rabbis to be the Mouth of the Lord on earth. However, besides burying countless links missing from the chain of sᵊmikh•âh succession, they also gloss-over the key limiting phrase that begins the verse and conditions everything: - — "According to the Tor•âh that they shall instruct you…"

Yes, means "instruction." But further stipulates not just any" instruction" that rabbis (who didn't even exist before BCE 135) "pᵊsaq", but (The) Instruction; and there is only One !

Rabbinic "instruction"/​pᵊsaq that diverges from is contra-Scriptural; a•vōd•âh zâr•âh, contrary to Scriptural Authority – and crystal-clearly and explicitly commands that you not follow even the majority to wrongdoing!!!

Only One Tor•âh For Everyone

First, Dᵊvâr•im 17 doesn't talk – at all – about rabbis, who didn't even exist back then! Rabbis didn't even come into existence until, in BCE 135, anti-Hellenism rebels pâ•rush (seceded from) the Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im, thereafter being designated as Pᵊrush•im. Only after Pᵊrush•im came into existence did they ordain the first rabbis.

Further, vs. 9-13 don't come into effect – at all – unless, v. 8, .

Only if v. 8 is triggered, Scripture then instructs you to go to ‎—​namely, ‑‑—​for consultation, whether that may be a ko•hein, a Lei•wi (both of whose yo•khas•in were destroyed by the Romans; ergo, according to Ta•lᵊmūd, there can be no legitimate ko•hein or Lei•wi ever again; Ma•sëkët Qi•dush•in 70b) or a sho•pheit. That is the counsel Scripture requires you to obey.


Then read v. 11 ca-a-are-ful-ly! The first 3 words condition everything that follows: …-

Insisting that this means "whatever teaching", aside from idolatrously elevating clerics to the mythological divine pantheon of Peer Spokespersons of God contrary to Dân•iy•eil 7.25; Ho•sheia 13.4 and Yᵊsha•yâhu 45.21-22, Muslims have their own Tawrat version of the Jewish Tor•âh that they would teach you, "interpreted" to comport with Islam. Christians have their own interpretation of Tor•âh that they would teach you, "interpreted" to comport with their Καινής Διαθήκης. Reform rabbis have a Tor•âh they will teach you "interpreted" according to their liberalism. So it shouldn't be such a great shock that Ultra-Orthodox have their own ideas about Tor•âh that they will teach you, "interpreted" according to their European Dark Ages inculturation (assimilation). "Regular" and Modern Orthodox rabbis interpret Tor•âh according to the traditions they have learned. You must discern! The determination of which are legitimate hinges upon those 3 words! Which of them parse Tor•âh according to the mathematically-precise Laws of logic and science Authored by ‑‑ to drive His Creation, so that their teaching comports with "According to …"? Certainly not illiterate, anti-science, superstitious rabbis out of Dark Ages Europe who are tragically incompetent in every one of these areas.

Tor•âh is perfectly clear: constraining rulings within the bounds of interpreting-only—​not amplifying nor extending contrary to Scriptural prohibition,—​Tor•âh shë-bi•khᵊtâv; i.e. limited to mathematically-precise logical interpretations, not empire-building by hanging boundless new worlds of doctrines (over which to rule) from mythological threads.

The job of a sho•pheit in today's technological world requires one to forsake Dark Ages European superstitions and mythology to, instead, have a working knowledge of the science and technology involved. This necessitates embracing the real world of forensics, historical documentation, hard archeological, geological and other legitimate scientific evidence as well as expertise in parsing the original-language Scripture in the ancient—Middle Eastern—​context in which it was written, according to the mathematically-precise logic ‑‑ embedded in His Immutable Laws and Truth that continually drives the real-world universe. ‑‑ is Immutably consistent, never self-contradicting. Whoever represents Him to be self-contradicting lacks comprehension and misunderstands; having strayed into displacement service of an idol.

Scripture concludes: only if the sho•pheit satisfies these criteria, – " then concerning" – the mi•shᵊpât they tell you, you must do."

Unifying Tor•âh v Unconstrained Sectarianizing Conjecturings
Even Mi•tzᵊw•ot Represented As Barbaric Are, In Reality, Logical

Ta•lᵊmud demonstrates that even the absolutely unequivocal and starkly harshest sounding declaration, when logically parsed, are intelligent and sensitive. For example, Tor•âh is unequivocal and, to many modern folk seems unacceptably harsh, in imposing capital punishment for homosexual acts. Critics never acknowledge that vigilantism was never accepted (even Pi•nᵊkhâs acted only as authorized by a ruling of a Beit Din). Further, like any other capital crime, 3 reputable eyewitnesses are required for conviction. Yet, only vigilantes would break into a bedroom to witness such a thing, thereby disqualifying them as reputable! Further, sex between a medically, biologically and genetically in-between gender (e.g., inter alia, a eunuch) with a male does not transgress the Scriptural proscription. This introduces requirements for further medical, geneticist, et al. eyewitnesses.

Clearly, prosecuting what seemed a straightforward matter, which is still unequivocal, is recognized as also complex. (On the other hand, marchers publicly displaying apparent homosexual intimacy in a perverse parade, before legions of eyewitnesses, begs suspicion that would justify medical and genetic determination of their gender that, in turn, could together substantiate the transgression of the Biblical proscription.)

European-Assimilated Rabbis Displace Tor•âh shë-Bi•khᵊtâv

Even when the majority of Israel strays, Scripture explicitly forbids following them!

No rabbis, nor Ra•bân•ut, today may even contradict Ha•lâkh•âh dᵊ-Ōr•ai•tâ, much less Tōr•âh shë-Bi•khᵊtâv!

Shō•phᵊt•im v Rabbis

In the ancient days of yesteryear when the masses were illiterate, So•phᵊr•im were essential to read and write Scripture, Shō•phᵊt•im to adjudicate it and, later, rabbis to teach Scripture and Ha•lâkh•âh (dᵊ-Ōr•ai•tâ) to a widely dispersed Diaspora.

While the masses today have the opportunity to educate themselves to read, write, study and apply logic to interpret Scripture (nullifying the need for So•phᵊr•im to promulgate Scripture and rabbis to interpret and teach them), the necessity for Shō•phᵊt•im to adjudicate them logically and with finality never diminishes.

But the most venerated rabbis today are Ultra-Orthodox (Kha•reid•im) who reject science, legitimate history and the real world to instead live in a shtetl-like delusion-bubble, unchanged, straight out of their Dark Ages Europe-assimilated past. These illiterates, who deny even the age of the earth in the same way that the Church once denied that the earth revolved around the sun, are frighteningly unqualified to grasp even the basics of reality, much less the Instruction of the Creator-Singularity!

Judaism Accepts No Intercessor (Well, Except Rabbis Roll eyes)

When Christianity argues for an "Old Testament"-superseding Christ-Intercessor, the rabbis correctly condemn the doctrine as displacement idolatry. But when the rabbis argue for their own Meta-Divine Intercession, superseding Ha•lâkh•âh dᵊ-Ōr•ai•tâ and even Tōr•âh shë-Bi•khᵊtâv, their tune changes: while condemning any other intercessor, empire-building rabbis make themselves Omnipotent Intercessors —i.e. peers of ‑‑ presuming Authority to contradict and overturn His Words!

Rabbis v Intercession & Prophecy
Mōsh•ëh At Har Sin•ai – 1½ Millennia Before The First Rabi!

At least as far back as Har Sin•ai, even Mōsh•ëh yearned for the day when every Yᵊhud•i would be a Nâ•vi—an explicator of Tōr•âh, not a soothsayer. After all,

11 For this mi•tzᵊwâh that I command you today isn't too wonderful for you [to grasp], nor is it far away. 12 It isn't in the heavens – that you'd need to plead, ‘Who'll go up into the heavens, take it for us and enable us to hear it so that we can do it? 13 Nor is it over the sea – that you'd need to plead, ‘Who'll go over the sea, take it for us and enable us to hear it so that we can do it? 14 Rather, the matter is very close to you – in your mouth and in your heart – so you can do it!”

The Future According To The Nᵊviy•im – Centuries Before The First Rabi!

The Nᵊviy•im, too, shared Mōsh•ëh's vision, similarly recognizing that literacy and education would enable every Yᵊhud•i to "know ‑‑"—needing not even a teacher, much less any intercessor.

Modern education of the Jewish masses, as it develops a working knowledge of both logic and science in each Jew, paves the way to fulfill the prophecy of Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu ha-Nâ•vi:

“ ‘Then no longer shall any man instruct his fellow, nor any man instruct his brother, saying: «Know ‑‑!» Because all of them shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,’ declares ‑‑. ‘For I will forgive their â•wōn•im, and I will no longer recall their khat•â•im.’ ”

Today And Into The Future

Exponential scientific advances in today's technological world, disseminated through the internet and every phone, for the first time in history enable every Jew to, himself or herself, apply the Omniscient Logic of ‑‑ to all of Judaic, historical, archeological and other knowledge, enabling every individual Jew to directly follow ‑‑, with no mortal intercessor injecting noise or agenda.

Irrespective of time, the Unquestionable and Immutable Laws of the Creator-Singularity—His Omniscient Logic Engine comprising the forces that drive our universe—never change. This lone, ultimate, and only reliable Mi•dᵊrâsh through which one may understand the Tor•âh of ‑‑ in now accessible to every Jew—and every person in the world who chooses to embrace His Tōr•âh!!!

Relating to the Creator-Singularity of the universe can only be derived from the Immutable Laws upon which He created the engine of forces that drive our universe: mathematically precise logic (scientific method), based on documented historical facts from the earliest extant mss. in the original languages meshed with hard archeological evidence and the latest scientific advancements and technology – reality sanitized of European Dark Ages mythology and superstition. See also box in The Nᵊtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matitᵊyâhu (NHM, in English) note 7.1.1.

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