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Historical Ribi Yәhoshuapro-Tor•âh′  1st-Century Pharisee Jew

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Jesusanti-Tor•âh′  Post-135 C.E. Roman-Fabricated Idol

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The Nәtzâr•im′ , Original Jewish Followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a

© 2002, 2006, 2009 Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u Bën-Dâ•wid′ , Ra•a•nan′ â(h), Israel

Only Judaically-Accurate Source for Teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a

Note: the Nәtzâr•im′  are based in Ra·ananâ(h), Israel and are the only authentic followers of historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a as shiakh, in contrast to the counterfeit, and who are recognized as legitimate and in good standing in the same religious community as Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original Nәtzâr•im′  followers (Pharisee Jews are today's Orthodox Jews) in Israel.

The search for 'Historical Jesus' is made impossible by the very nature of the search… and the biased assumptions of the searchers. They don't search for the historical Jew, but, rather, for some early evidence of the trueness of their own ("it's right because I believe it") Roman-Hellenist (= idolatrous), antinomian (i.e., misojudaic) Christian Jesus.

Evidence which contradicts the Christian image, rather than contributing to constructing the true picture of the historical Jew, is contemptuously dismissed as wrong. The Ya•a•qov′  Ossuary is an excellent example of the most authoritative scientists in the world corroborating its authenticity in the face of Christian-sympathizing archeologists (including secular-misojudic Jews) fueling Christian traditions with disinformation that even the courts have thrown out as pseudo-scholar drivel.

This is proven in the very name of the search… for 'Historical Jesus'—an intractable oxymoron!

Every legitimate historian and scholar knows full well that "Jesus" isn't even the Greek name (Ιησους), much less the original Hebrew name of the 1st-century Jew. Jesus a Hellenized, intrinsically idolatrous, post-135 C.E. name of a Roman-counterfeited image based on Paul the Apostate (a Hellenist Turkish-Jew).

Our Khav•rut′ â books document that the earliest extant source texts for both the LXX and the NT are the codices א and β. All of these Christian sources are acknowledged even by Christian sources (e.g., The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible) to be extensively redacted by the earliest—post-135 C.E.—gentile Hellenist Roman Christians. When a Christian reads the NT (s)he isn't reading anything that would be even remotely recognizable to 1st-century Pәrush•i′  Yәhud•im′ .

Consequently, it shouldn't be surprising that the name Yәho•shu′ a (Bin-Nun) also derives strangely in LXX, evolving differently from any other name in Ta•na"kh′  (dictated by its ending in the Hebrew letter ע.

So, the question must be asked, "Why was Yәho•shu′ a (and its diminuitive, Yë•shu′ a), also Hellenized ("redacted") retroactively to retrofit the first Hebrew letters ( rather than Yәho) to match the Greek Ιησους to become the only name in Ta•na"kh′  that ends in ע to 'evolve' an 's' ending Ιησους Jesus?"

The same rule that produced other names that end in ע should have produced the Greek transliteration Ιοσου (Iosou)not Ιησους Jesus (with an "o"—not an "æ"—in the first syllable, and minus the "s" ending)!

So why did this name, Ιησους, alone, redacted by 2nd-4th century gentile, antinomian-misojudaic Hellenist-Roman Christians of Displacement Theology, turn out unlike any other similar name in the Hebrew that ends in ע)??? Far darker, why does it so eerily appear to morph the Egyptian goddess Isis and the most popular (and etymologically related) Hellenist Greek-Roman god Ξευς? (For documentation and further details see Who Are the Netzarim? Live-Link (WAN Live-Link).)

One can begin to glimmer that searching for the "Historical Jesus" is an oxymoron that locks in the intractably mutually exclusive Hellenist Christian image, with its preconceived contra-Judaic ideas and doctrines, while locking the searcher out from discovering the historical Jew.

Distorting the pro-Tor•âh′  Nәtzâr•im′  as their anti-Tor•âh′  polar antithesis, describing post-135 C.E. misojudaic ("antinomian") Hellenist Christians—whether Romans or Jews—as "1st-century Christians" or "Judeo-Christians," slanders the original, authentic, Tor•âh′ -keeping followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a.

To distort Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a into the post-135 C.E. contra-Tor•âh′ —and, therefore, contra-historical—Hellenized and Roman-fabricated idol-image of Jesus, mingling these mutually exclusive polar antitheses contrary to Tor•âh′  (Yәkhëz•qeil′  42.20, et al.), slanders his original Tor•âh′ -Jew followers, misrepresenting them as advocates of antinomian (anti-Tor•âh′  = misojudaic) Displacement Theology; Christian doctrines, which historians and encyclopedias repeatedly and indisputably document didn't exist until they were syncretized, centuries after the fact, by Hellenist Roman Christians (goy•im′ )—from idolatry and idolatrous festivals!!!

Historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a can only be identified and understood by filtering out both, Paul the Apostate and post-135 C.E. Jesus, the Roman-fabricated counterfeit image retroactively superimposed by the thousands of well-documented Hellenizing redactions.

These thousands of Christianizing redactions are acknowledged even by the most respected international Church scholars. Like many historians, though they ignorantly blur and mislabel the Pharisee Rib′ i with, lә-hav•dil′ , "1st-century Jesus," the late Oxford scholar and authority on antisemitism, James Parkes, noted in his book (The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue), that the glaring, diametric differences between the 1st-century pro-Tor•âh′  Jewish followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a (the Nәtzâr•im′ ), in contrast to the 4th-century anti-Tor•âh′ , Hellenist-Roman, gentile Christians that trace back no further than the forcible gentile take-over in 135 C.E. and, to a lesser extent, as early as Paul the Apostate (a Hellenist Turkish-Jew).

All major encyclopedias corroborate, and our Khav•rut′ â books document from the earliest extant Christian Church historians, that celebrations connected with a post-135 C.E. "Contra-historical Jesus" (Easter, Christmas, Sunday worship and the like) do not trace back to the 1st-century Nәtzâr•im′  but, rather, were syncretized, only after 135 C.E., from Roman idolatry. There was no transition from Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, his original Jewish followers or 1st-century Judaism to post-135 C.E. Christianity!!! It was a forcible displacement of Jews, by polar-opposite Hellenist Roman gentiles, consequent to the Roman Hellenist crushing of the Bar-Kokh′  Rebellion in 135 C.E.

Logic has always dictated that such a transition must be proven. Yet, not one shred of evidence has ever been shown in support of any such transition while overwhelming evidence proves that the original followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a remained mutually exclusive from Hellenist Christians—being defended by Pharisees and persecuted by Hellenists—throughout their short history.

While Christian celebrations and precepts may have been conceived by Hellenist elements as early as Paul the Apostate (a Hellenist Turkish-Jew), they weren't fully developed and canonized until the 4th-century C.E. and are, therefore, associated exclusively with their post-135 C.E. Roman-perverted Hellenist image: Jesus, the Roman man-god idol.

The revised, contra-historical, counterfeit—Jesus—was accepted and worshipped only by Hellenist Roman goyim who forcibly displaced the Nәtzâr•im′  Jews in 135 C.E.

135 C.E. was pivotal, the watershed event, because that was the year the Hellenist Roman goyim crushed the Bar-Kokh′  Rebellion, expelling Jews from Yәru•shâ•la′ yim—enabling the gentile Hellenist-Roman Christians to forcibly wrest control from the 15th Nәtzâr•im′  qid, Yәhud•âh′  ha-Tza•diq′ , displacing him with the first gentile Hellenist Christian (Catholic) "bishop"—Markus, amidst the Romans' Hellenization of Yәrushâlayim into Aelia Capitolina, dedicated to Zeus, their perverting Israel into "Palestine," their expelling the Jews and their transferring neighboring Arab squatters in to displace the Jews.

Centuries, perhaps millennia, before the contra-Historical Jesus, Easter was the spring festival for Esotera / Ishtar / Astarte / Ashtoreth. Easter didn't become part of Christianity until, centuries after the death of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a. Only centuries after the event, Hellenist goyim syncretized the idolatrous festival into their own, native, Hellenist-Roman (gentile) belief system (see our History Museum).

This became possible only in 135 C.E., when the Hellenist Roman goyim" wrested control from the original—pro-Tor•âh′  Judaic (as proven by 4Q MMT)—followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a): the Nәtzâr•im′  .

In 135 C.E., the Nәtzâr•im′  were led by the 15th qid, Yәhudâh, whom the Hellenist Romans forcibly ousted, immediately installing the first gentile Roman "bishop," Marcus, in the vacuum they had forcibly created. The Hellenist Romans continued by profaning Yәrushâlayim into "their" city of Aelia Capitolina, built overtop the ruins of Yәrushâlayim, which they had demolished. Hellenist Roman Aelia Capitolina was dedicated to Zeus and sun worship. The Hellenist Romans then renamed Israel (Yәhudâh) to "Palestine" and proceeded to burn all of the Tor•âh′  scrolls they could find, destroy all of the Davidic genealogies (enabling gentiles to claim Christian claims of supersession and the legacy of the Avrahamic and Davidic prophecies) and prohibit circumcision or the study of Tor•âh′ —all upon pain of death.

Christians ignore all of this to perpetuate their baseless claim of a "coincidental transition of gentilization," a non-existent "transition" from the Nәtzâr•im′  to Hellenist goyim—who commenced to syncretize idolatrous doctrines and festivals!!!

Long before the contra-Historical Jesus, Dec. 25th was the pagan celebration of the birthday of the sun-god, in particular the Persian sun-god, Mithra! It is also well demonstrated in The Nәtzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM) that historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a was absolutely not born in winter. NHM further demonstrates that his birth occurred in late spring. The astronomical events even provide the exact date: B.C.E. 7.05.29.

The change from Shabât to Sun(God)day didn't occur until the 5th century, centuries after the death of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and centuries after Hellenist Roman goyim, who concocted and worshipped the contra-Historical Jesus, wrested control from the original—Judaic—followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a. All of this, it must be remembered, was done by Hellenist Roman goyim, subsequent to 135 C.E., in the context of their idolatrous occupation of "Aelia Capitolina," built overtop the ruins of Yәrushâlayim, and their renaming of Yisrâ·eil (Yәhudâh) as "Palestine."

The evolution of the original, and Biblical, Hebrew name of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a ("Y--H is salvation"; see also "Jeshua," Ency. Judaica 10.2 and "Joshua" Ency. Judaica 10.265) to the Greek Ιησους (Iæsous) to the contra-Historical Jesus is also laced with idolatrous gentilization—identical with post-135 C.E. Christianization—developed within this pervasive=invasive, gentile Hellenist milieu of the Roman occupiers.

All of the Judaic documentation up through 135 C.E. demonstrates that, diametrically antithetical to contra-Historical Jesus, the actual historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and the Nәtzâr•im′  were meticulous keepers of Judaic law, including—as documented in 4Q MMT—the Oral Law, and continued to be non-selectively Tor•âh′ -observant until the Church extirpated them precisely because of this in 333 C.E.

While the original Nәtzâr•im′  lived exclusively within the Jewish community—apart from and considered an enemy of the goyim Hellenist Christian community, both communities remained locked in intractable opposition. The Church of contra-Historical Jesus condemned the Nәtzâr•im′  as "lost servants of tân" and "enemies of the Church" "under the law of sin and death"—the original seeds of Christian misojudaism (cf. the earliest extant Church historian, Eusebius). Contrary to Christian tradition (assumptions), the Dead Sea Scrolls (specifically 4Q MMT) demonstrate that all sects of legitimate 1st-century Judaism (i.e., under the aegis of the Beit-Din ha-Jadol) included the Oral Law within the definition of Tor•âh′  / Judaism.

As religious Jews functioning within the legitimate Jewish community, the Jews exiled from the ruined city of Yәrushâlayim in 135 C.E. included Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a's original Judaic followers: the Nәtzâr•im′  . Our free on-line Khav•rut′ â demonstrates that Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a obtained sәmikh•âh′  from Jam•liy•eil′  (Hellenized to "Gamliel") himself—the grandson (and patriarch of the House) of Hi•leil′  (pop. "Hillel"), who was the Nâ•si′  of the Beit-Din hâ-Jâ•dol′ .

Authentic Teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a—Source
The Nәtzârim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM)

As some scholars have finally begun to realize, this necessarily implies that Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a was a Pәrush•im′  Rib′ i! It shouldn't be surprising, then, that we find that Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a endorsed—and commanded obedience to—the Pәrush•im′  (The Nәtzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityâhu (NHM) 23:1-3)—the only account of the life and teachings of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a accepted by the original Nәtzâr•im′  (Eusebius, E.H., III, xxvii, 2-6).

The title of Rib′ i was exclusive to those who obtained sәmikh•âh′  jointly by the patriarch of one of the recognized Houses (in this case, the House of Hi•leil′ ) and the Nâ•si′  of the Beit-Din hâ-Jâ•dol′  in (pre-"Palestine"!) Yәhudâh (Judea).

Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a obtained sәmikh•âh′  directly from head of the Beit-Din hâ-Jâ•dol′ , who was the grandson-patriarch of Hi•leil′ ! He clearly didn't get there by advocating Hellenism, anachronistic Displacement Theology, anachronistic Christian claims of supersessionism, anachronistic self-divinity (which is idolatry) of the contra-Historical Jesus, or the anachronistic blatant idolatry that occurred only after 135 C.E. in Hellenist Christianity.

Post-135 C.E. redactions and Christian literature present a Hellenized (gentilized) image (i.e., idol) that is the polar opposite of the historical Rib′ i. The product of the Hellenist Roman goyim—contra-Historical Hellenist Jesus and Hellenist Christianity—is the polar opposite of historical Judaic Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and his original Judaic followers—Nәtzâr•im′  Jews of Israel. Tor•âh′  (Dәvâr•im′  13.1-6, et al.) explicitly precludes any validity of a NT (or Quran, Book of Mormon, Watchtower, etc.) forged in forcible Displacement Theology and Christian claims of supersession.

Since Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a and, lә-havdil, Jesus are polar opposites, historical Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a being the shiakh implies that his arch-antithesis, Jesus, is the antichrist!!! Blurring these two contradictory and mutually exclusive opposites is obsessive self-deception and ignorance borne out of fear of truth.

Which, now, will you follow?

Neither Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a nor his original Nәtzâr•im′  followers had to pretend to part of the people of Israel, to pretend to be in the legitimate Jewish community, or pretend to practice legitimate Judaism. They were legitimate. As are the today's restored Nәtzâr•im′ . Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u has been an Orthodox Jew in good standing in an Orthodox synagogue in Israel for more than a decade.

Like the original Nәtzâr•im′  , the Nәtzâr•im′  of today are the ONLY Judaic followers of Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a reconstructed according to the extant historical documentation within the legitimate Orthodox Jewish community here in Israel—the real Orthodox Jewish community in the real Israel. The first Nәtzâr•im′  qid was qid Ya·aqov ha-Tza•diq′  Bën-Dâ•wid′ , brother of Ribi Yәhoshua Bën-Dâ•wid′ . His 14 successors all lived and taught exclusively among the Pәrushim (today's Orthodox Jews); separate from, and considered a Satanic enemy by, the Christian Church. The list of these 15 Nәtzâr•im′  pәqidim was recorded by Eusebius as the only Judaic leaders prior to the forcible gentile Hellenist expulsion and take-over in 135 C.E. (Eccl. Hist., IV.v.3).

The 16th Nәtzâr•im′  qid, qid Yirmәyâhu, ha-Tza•diq′  (Bën-Dâ•wid′ ), is patterned faithfully after these first 15. qid Yirmәyâhu, ha-Tza•diq′  is fully-documented, by Orthodox rabbis, as an Orthodox Jew and recognized by the Israeli rabbinate, the Chief Rabbis (with a letter of blessing) and the State of Israel. Pâ•qid′  Yi•rәmәyâh′ u is also a member in good standing on the board of the Orthodox Beit-ha-Kәnësët ha-Teimâni, Beit-ha-Kәnësët Morëshët Âvot—Yad Nâ·âmi, in Ra·ananâ(h), Israel, where he and his family pray regularly and participate fully in its functions and Orthodox Jewish social life.

No one outside of these Nәtzâr•im′ , anywhere in the world, who professes to follow Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a, by whatever name, has these legitimate credentials. None other are legitimate. Nәtzâr•im′  live and function within the Orthodox community and Israel, interfaced with Orthodox Bat•ei′ -Din in the real, rational, world exactly as they always did before 135 C.E. Any other professing to follow Yәho•shu′ a, by whatever name, is false and part of the Displacement Theology that defines Christianity and the "synagogue of Sâ•tân′ ."

It defies reason to follow the idolatrous Hellenist-Roman counterfeit, a man-god-idol prophesied in Dân•i•eil′  as the "Beast" who would change the times and seasons—which is obviously, and widely recognized in the Judaic community as Hellenist Rome and Christianity.

Whether you are a Christian Jew or a Christian gentile, learn how you can become like Rib′ i Yәho•shu′ a—a legitimate part of legitimate Israel and the legitimate Jewish community. But it means turning away from his arch-antithesis, the contra-historical Jesus.

This merely scratches the surface. For much more in-depth information, the Nәtzâr•im′  invite you to get started in our free, on-line Khav•rut′ â.

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