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Yirmәyahu Ben-Dawid, Paqid 16
23 Aqiva, Box 12
Raanana, Israel

The Netzarim are the only followers of Ribi Yәhoshua as Mashiakh on the planet since 135 C.E. (!) who are in good standing in the same community in which Ribi Yәhoshua and the original Netzarim lived, practiced and taught — i.e., recognized by Pharisaic (today's Orthodox) rabbis as Jews and geirim in good standing.

In 1972, when Yirmәyahu Ben-Dawid was concluding his research and began teaching about the Netzarim no one had heard of the original Hebrew term, "Netzarim," since 135 C.E. when the gentile Roman Hellenists displaced the Jewish Netzarim Paqid with the first gentile — and first Christian — "bishop" (the true birth of Christianity and the Church) and thereafter substituted the Greek transliteration, "Nazarene."

Imposters' Gallery The same research that had enabled Yirmәyahu Ben-Dawid to discover the term after it had been concealed for nearly 2,000 years also demonstrated that being a Netzarim necessarily implied being recognized by a Pharisaic (today's Orthodox) Beit-Din. All of those who now claim to be Netzarim but aren't affiliated with the authentic Netzarim in Raanana, Israel and recognized by an Orthodox Beit-Din, have plagiarized the term (and, sometimes, even the title) from Paqid Yirmәyahu Ben-Dawid and are fraudulent imposters promulgating Displacement Theology in the same tradition of syncretism as the Roman Hellenists after 135 C.E. See the Imposters' Gallery for the current list of fraudulent and illegitimate imposters who are practicing Displacement Theology and plagiarizing the Netzarim.

As briefly mentioned in our History Museum (and indisputably documented in Who Are the Netzarim? (WAN)), consequent to the Roman quelling of the Bar-Kokhva Rebellion, in 135 C.E. Roman gentile Christians "exhausted" (, see Dan. 7.25) the Nәtzarim Jews, expelling them from Yәrushalayim and displacing the ousted leadership with the first gentile "bishop." Displacement Theology in the clearest sense. In 333 C.E., Constantine required all Nәtzarim to attend church, rather than the synagogue they had always attended, on Easter instead of Passover as they always had, and eat pork on the way out... upon pain of death. The Nәtzarim fled and aren't heard of again in the historical record... until the pristine teachings of and the original Nәtzarim was restored in the mid-1980s — just as the State of Israel was restored in 1948.

The early Church historian, Eusebius, recorded the names of each Paqid — there were exactly fifteen (documented in WAN) — at the time the fifteenth, Yәhudah, was ousted in 135 C.E. by the first Roman gentile "bishop."

As the earliest church historians, most eminent modern university historians, our web site and our Khavruta (Distance Learning) texts confirm, the original teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua were not only accepted by most of the Pharisaic Jewish community, he had hoards of Jewish students. Contrary to popular Christian assumptions, the standards of the Jewish community didn't cause the "break." Rather, as Oxford historian-scholar James Parkes indisputedly demonstrates in his book, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue, it was the teachings that were perverted between the first and fourth centuries C.E. The first century teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Netzarim were acceptable in the Jewish community. Fourth century Christianity was the polar opposite to the original first century Pharisaic Torah teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Netzarim followers. Consequently, the Roman perversion of those teachings was never in the Jewish community at all! Ribi Yәhoshua's authentic teachings were never rejected by the Jews! And the perversion of those teachings by the Roman pagans, Christianity, was never in the Jewish community in the first place. There was no transition between the two!

Because the standards of acceptable Torah teachings in the Jewish community never caused a "break," anyone who genuinely restored the authentic first century teachings of Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Netzarim followers would have to obtain acceptance today by the same home community of Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Netzarim followers — modern Pharisaic (i.e. Orthodox) rabbis, not the gentile apostasy described in Rev. 2.9 & 3.9! However, since Paqid Yәhudah, the fifteenth Paqid, was ousted by the first Roman gentile "bishop" in 135 C.E., no follower of Ribi Yәhoshua and his original Netzarim could ever have been accepted by the Orthodox rabbis because none have existed — until Yirmәyahu (né Clint Van Nest) & Karen Ben-Dawid were converted by Orthodox rabbis, with full disclosure of their belief that Ribi Yәhoshua is the Mashiakh, in the mid-1980s!

Following conversion in 1983 and immigrating to Israel under the Law of Return in 1985, Yirmәyahu looked thoroughly throughout Israel for a Netzarim Beit-Din to which he could subordinate himself and a Netzarim Beit-ha-Kәnësët he and Karen could attend. There was none. Yirmәyahu and Karen were the first authentic Netzarim since 135 C.E.!

Every community in Orthodox Judaism is required to establish its own Beit-Din of Orthodox Jews. (Normally, an Orthodox Beit-Din requires a minimum of three Orthodox Jews. But in new communities and exigencies, even one Orthodox Jew can establish a Beit-Din.) Since Yirmәyahu and Karen were the only Netzarim Jews in the world, Halakhah required that Yirmәyahu establish the first Netzarim Beit-Din since 135 C.E.

As a result, while only attempting to become a legitimate follower of the authentic teachings of historical Ribi Yәhoshua and become a legitimate Netzarim, Yirmәyahu discovered that -- had dropped the mantle of the sixteenth Netzarim Paqid on his shoulders!

A bio of Yirmәyahu Ben-Dawid is included in the "Legitimacy" discussion exhibit on the third floor of our History Museum (see panel at left).

Be aware of hate-mongering slanderers and propagandists who misrepresent and outright lie about what we believe and stand for.

Contact info: FAQs are answered here in the 'Netzarim Quarter' web site (NQ). While you may suppose that your questions are simple, first, your questions (or the questions you should be asking) are probably answered in NQ if you'd read it carefully and think carefully about what you've read and, second, the answers and implications require extensive historical knowledge and documentation much too voluminous to be typed in for each individual. This is why we wrote the books and designed our Khavruta (see our Syllabus by clicking on the Khavrutâ link in the appropriate ministry in panel at left). Before contacting us, please read all parts of NQ thoroughly and complete the first several texts of our Khavruta — through reading "Atonement In the Biblical 'New Covenant'." Instructions for contacting us are found in our Syllabus.

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