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1st-century C.E.

666 = Hellenist Antichrist Apostasy

The Antithesis Of Judaism
Biblical Judaism / Second Temple Judaism, Historical Ribi Yehoshua, and his Netzarim followers ALWAYS mutually exclusive from Khristianoi; no point of convergence or transition (chart)
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Ca. 65 C.E., the Nᵊtzâr•im described Paul the Apostate's Hellenist Roman apostasy as the "dragon" or "beast" of prophecy encoded in the number 666 (details in The 1993 Covenant Live-Link ).

666 is the key to a "magic square," which, in turn, encrypts two keys: numerological 6 and cosmological 6. Each key designated a distinct and different attribute (details in Who Are The Nᵊtzarim? Live-Link (WAN)).

As we've document in earlier sections, no part of the legitimate 1st century Judaic community tolerated the Hellenist apostasy of intentionally violating or rejecting some part of ; i.e., assimilation. Neither the Hellenist assimilation of rejecting Oral Law nor of selective observance nor of syncretizing elements of Hellenist idolatry were ever any part of legitimate Judaism.

Yet, it was only those apostate (illegitimate) proto-Christian Hellenizing groups—dating from as early as the B.C.E. 2nd century—who advocated this Hellenizing apostasy (see Hellenist Sadducee Temple Priests). Στέφανος and his successor Παῦλος were Hellenizers in the 1st century C.E. However, the great majority of blatantly idolatrous, Roman Ζεύς-syncretizing, min•im date from the 2nd-4th centuries C.E. original (Roman) Christians, retrojectively redacting their antinomian (anti-) apostasy into their developing Church pseudo-history — their syncretized, Ζεύς-superseder, man-god idol, Ιησους.

This was the culmination of the " " in the B.C.E. first-century Stone.

Egyptologist John Romer has documented that these original Christians also adopted, for this syncretized image, even the face of their idol — Ζεύς (John Romer, "Great Wonders of the Ancient World, Part I," TV documentary; see also "Iesous Face").

Thus, Ιησους is a syncretized Hellenist counterfeit of the historical Jewish Ribi; a reworked and superseding Ζεύς-idol antithetical to, and mutually exclusive from, (lᵊ-ha•vᵊdil) Ribi Yᵊho•shua.

Belief in either of these two mutually exclusive and contradictory opposites necessarily implies rejection of the other! Only blind fools ignorant of history can continue to assume that these two impossibly contradictory opposites are one and the same – the "Poof!" theory!

Therefore, if Ribi Yᵊho•shua is the Mâ•shiakh, this necessarily and logically implies that his antipodal antithesis, Ιησους, is the false messiah, the apostasy, the beast-dragon of Dân•iy•eil, the 666 Antichrist!

(More details in WAN Live-Link Technology and The 1993 Covenant Live-Link .)

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