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Updated: 2014.01.20

The Biblical precept was demonstratively directed at prohibiting the mᵊlâkh•âh involved in the ancient method of collecting kindling and manually kindling a fire. The man in bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar 15.32ff who was executed, was executed for gathering and preparing kindlingmᵊlâkh•âh, not for "lighting a fire"! He never even got as far as lighting his fire!

Modern Rabbinic Innovative Errors Due To Their Scientific Ignorance

The rabbinic assertions attempting to contort a prohibition against into prohibitions against use of electricity and driving on arise from:

  1. the rabbis' self-misdirection based on logical fallacy: from the proper prohibiting of mᵊlâkh•âh on to the superficial—and wrong—enlargements of prohibitions fallaciously based on on . Even today's rabbinic law recognizes that fire may continue on as long as its kindled before .

  2. the rabbis' deliberate rejection of science, their defiant refusal to study science and their resulting willful ignorance of science,

  3. the rabbis' defiant refusal of fact to, instead, retain their belief that electricity was a type of fire.

The result is their several illegitimate religious rulings that do not qualify as Ha•lâkh•âh.

Re: Electricity On – A 19th Century Rabbinic Innovation

The issues, and subsequent rabbinic rulings, concerning electricity didn't become possible until the inventions of the incandescent light bulb and telegraphy in the 19th century C.E.

Regarding electricity, anyone with a high school physics background understands that electricity is a flow of electron field force, not the NFPA 921 definition of fire: "A rapid oxidation process, which is a chemical reaction resulting in the evolution of light and heat in varying intensities." Thus, the rabbinic prohibition against use of electricity on , which they wrongly thought was based on bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar 15.32ff, is not legitimate Ha•lâkh•âh.

Re: Driving On – a 20th Century Rabbinic Innovation

The rabbis based their ruling against driving on on the same ignorance of science: wrongly believing that [a] the electricity essential to the operation of a combustion engine was a type of fire, [b] that the explosions that drive a combustion engine are fire and [c] the limit of travel distance on .

It turns out that there is also a distinct and persistent scientific difference between fire and the explosions that drive the combustion engine in a car.

"According to the Chemical Engineers' Handbook (McGraw-​Hill Book Co., Inc.),… the scientifically-accurate meaning of explosion 'presupposes a sudden violent change of pressure, characteristically involving the liberation and expansion of a large volume of gas due to high temperature. The change taking place is a progressive one pro­ceed­ing from one part of the exploding material to the next adjoining part.' The sudden violent change of pressure, which causes the sound and other effects of an explosion that are absent in fire, is the definitive distinction between an explosion and fire, according to many sources.

Thus, no element of kindling a fire is involved in an explosion detonated by an electric spark." (see my Live-Link)

Travel on : Limitation By Distance Or Travel Time?

The only applicable prohibition to driving on , therefore, relates to the "journey" on . Even that is subordinate to the principle of and debating the dynamics of applying this principle to modern modes of transportation. Which was the core ancient principle: distance or time travel? Is, then, the modern limitation properly defined according to the distance that was traveled in ancient times? Or was the determinant the travel time, which, in ancient times, happened to be on foot or donkey. If travel time is the determinant, which is more flexible to adapt to advancing technology, then (within other limitations; e.g., not doing business on ), the travel time would apply today depending on whether traveling by foot, by car, by para-glider, by helicopter, in a space station orbiting some planet, or some other, perhaps future, mode.

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