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Update: 2018.01.02


Recently discovered and published Qum•rân Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT confirms all other Judaic literature describing the first-century religious Jewish community in demonstrating with absolute certainty that the historically-accurate Ribi Yᵊho•shua was a Tōr•âh teacher and that neither he nor his original Nᵊtzâr•im Jewish followers (Hellenized to "disciples") could possibly have espoused the anachronistic, post-135 C.E., Roman-redacted (Hellenized) Christianity.

The discovery that Ribi Yᵊho•shua taught Tōr•âh and not Christian doctrines invalidates arguments against his fulfillment of the Biblical Messianic Issues concerning the Mâ•shiakh Bën-Yo•seiph—many of which can no longer be fulfilled by anyone, ever! Because he was a teacher of Tōr•âh and not the founder of an anti-Tōr•âh religion, the restoration of his Tōr•âh teachings in concert with the restoration of Israel enables the completion, in our day, of the remaining prophesies concerning the Mâ•shiakh Bën-Dâ•wid.

2,000 years after he lived the entire world overwhelmingly confirms in the numbering of its years that Ribi Yᵊho•shua is, indeed, the world-changing Mâ•shiakh. Together, this is an overwhelming weight of evidence that has successfully withstood and overcome 2,000 years of attempted disputations.

What is left now is for those who carry on his Tōr•âh teachings to complete his mission in the spirit of his Tōr•âh teachings—his return in spirit (!!!), fulfilling the remaining prophecies of the Mâ•shiakh Bën-Dâ•wid and bringing about the prophesied messianic world.

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