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Updated: 2018.06.15

The Pᵊrush•im were the only one of the three 1st-century sects having Ribis and rabbis – forerunners of today's Tei•mân•i and moderate Orthodox rabbis. A priori, it is certain that Ribi (!) Yᵊho•shua was a .

The reason that Ribi Yᵊho•shua incurred such wrath from the Hellenist pseudo-Tzᵊdoq•im Ko•han•ei hâ-Rësha is because Ribi Yᵊho•shua was the most successful Pᵊrush•i, most effective in establishing and popularizing the practice of praying in local Bât•ei ha-Kᵊnësët among the masses – which was a religious, political and financial rival and threat to the Hellenist-Tzᵊdoq•im who, collaborating with the Hellenist Roman occupiers, controlled their Herod-built (Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im priests') Hellenized (i.e., idolatrous-assimilated and adulterated) Beit ha-Mi•qᵊdâsh ha-Shein•i. Because he was a religious, political and financial threat to their Hellenism and "Temple", they collaborated together to falsely smear Ribi Yᵊho•shua as a heretic who should be killed as an example to (vicarious sacrifice for) the rest of the Pᵊrush•im.

Interim centuries in Europe has evolved the descendants of the 1st century Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im into today's "Ultra" Pᵊrush•im. These are greedy and parasitic, European Dark Ages oriented and garbed, off-the-rails, anti-science, anti-education, superstitious fanatics who advocate 1st century Tzᵊdoq•im Hellenism and promulgate the appalling 1st century Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im kangaroo Beit Din defamation and lynching of that generation's most popular and famous Ribi.

In today's Israel these Tzᵊdoq•im-Hellenists in Pᵊrush•im clothing rely solely on goy•im Turk and British ordinations as Israel's Ra•bân•ut and Chief Rabbis, to again lord over all Judaic rites including marriage, divorce, death and "holy sites"; once again persecuting legitimate Pᵊrush•im – now globally.

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