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Updated: 2021.01.03

After the Nᵊviy•im Had Ceased
Yet Another Missing Link In Sᵊmikh•âh Succession
The Fabricated "120 Men Of The Great Assembly"‎

All scholars, and even most Orthodox rabbis, acknowledge that the chain of sᵊmikh•âh from Mōsh•ëh at Har Sin•ai to the present era is non-continuous at a large number of lost links—whereas one missing link is sufficient to destroy the chain of succession. Today, despite a childish recitation of wishful rabbinic tradition, practically everyone—even most Orthodox rabbis—recognizes that the succession never survived the wake of 135 CE. Yet, the reality is that the chain of succession was broken almost from the start: at the death of Yᵊho•shua Bin-Nun!!! more

Despite the obvious and rabbinically acknowledged discontinuity and numerous inescapable missing links, delusionals ("believers") nevertheless persist in claiming to fill the entire nebulous void (no documented decipherable link) between the [Cessation of the Nᵊviy•im] and the [post-BCE 167 Hellenized Zūgōt] with a fabricated proto-Συνέδριον of 120 undefined individuals: אַנְשֵׁי כְּנֶסֶת הַגְּדוֹלָה.


ha-Zūg•ōt; the "Complementary Pairs" who administered the Συνέδριον from B.C.E. 175 until Rab•ân Ga•mᵊl•i•eil Sr. wrested Pᵊrush•im control of the Beit Din -Gâ•dōl for the first time, yoking both titles together (ca. 25 C.E.).  more

In B.C.E. 175, Seleucid Satrap An•ti•ŏkh•ŏs ŏ Ëp•i•phan•eis backed a Tzᵊdōq•im-implemented ouster of the last legitimate Ōs•in Kō•hein ha-Jâ•dōl, thereby Hellenizing the "Second Temple" and the Hellenist Tzᵊdōq•im "priests" (Hellenized kō•han•im).

By authority of Satrap An•ti•ŏkh•ŏs ŏ Ëp•i•phan•eis, the Tzᵊdōq•im were in complete control at the advent of the Zūgōt. It is, therefore, certain that, from the inception of the Zūgōt, the ruling Tzᵊdōq•im of the "Temple" were, likewise, predominantly represented in every one of the 5 Zūgōt. It is well documented that the Tzᵊdōq•im maintained their dominance in the Συνέδριον, uninterrupted, from their inception in BCE 175 until Rab•ân Ga•mᵊl•i•eil Sr. first wrested Pᵊrush•i control c. 30 C.E.

This created the 3 great Min•im and "The Greatest Schism" in all of Jewish history:

  1. the lingering extinction of the anti-Hellenist Kha•sid•im-Ōs•in,

  2. the Hellenist Kōhanic "Temple" Kha•sid•im-Tzᵊdōq•im, and

  3. the new anti-Hellenist (anti-assimilation) Pᵊrush•im.

The destruction of the "Temple" also caused "The one Law has become two laws" (Tosef., Ḥag. ii. 9; Sanh. 88b; Soṭah 47b) under the Zūgōt.

the original formation of the anti-Hellenist Pᵊrush•im pitted against the Hellenist Kōhanic "Temple" Kha•sid•im-Tzᵊdōq•im in B.C.E. 175, the "Συνέδριον" was thenceforth officiated by "The Zūg•ōt", comprising a "Temple"-Kōhanic Tzᵊdōq•im Nâ•si (Senior) & Pᵊrush•im Av Beit Din (Junior) "Pair of Complements".

These Zūg•ōt officiated the Συνέδριον unchanged until Rab•ân Ga•mᵊl•i•eil ha-Za•qein wrested Pᵊrush•i control sometime between c. 25 C.E. (spurred by his firebrand protégé Ribi Yᵊhō•shūa) and his death c. 50 C.E. While the exact date is uncertain, Ta•lᵊmūd records that it was he who declared Beit Hi•leil more authoritative than Tzᵊdōq•im Sha•mai ha-Za•qein.

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